Reaves, Chaney Coggin (1812 - 1859)


Reaves, Chaney Coggin


Father: Isham Reaves
Mother: Chaney Coggins

Birth: 3 Dec 1812
Birth Source: H. O. Newsom Letter, Bible Record

Death: 10 Oct 1859
Death Source: H. O. Newsom Letter, Bible Record

Spouse1: Lewis Newsom


Children of Lewis Newsom and Chaney Coggin Reaves:
  1. James William Newsom, b. 31 Jan 1836
  2. Rolen Newsom, b. 15 Dec 1838
  3. Isham Newsom, b. 3 June 1849
  4. Mary Steelman Newsom, b. 1842
  5. Martha Ann Newsom, b. 16 Dec 1846

The above dates for Chaney are included in the Family Bible of James W. Newsom.

Written by his grandson, H.O. NEWSOM.
Original letter in possession of Betty HATCHER YOUNG, Fayetteville, TN

Chaney Goggin Reaves, wife of Lewis NEWSOM, was a daughter of Isham Reaves, and Chaney Goggin, who settled in what is now Bedford county about 1800 from N.C.

Lewis NEWSOM was born 1803 in Rowen, N.C., and died 8/19/1873. He was married about 1834. Chany was born 12/3/1812, and died 10/10/1859.

Children of this union:
James William NEWSOM 1st son Born 1/31/1836 d.1/9/1892
Rolen NEWSOM 2nd son Born 12/15/1838 d.7/8/1898
Isham NEWSOM 3rd son Born 6/3/1849 d.9/23/1919
Mary Steelman FOUTCH 1st Daught. Born 1842 d.12/1/1919
Martha Ann NEWSOM 2nd Daught. Born 12/16/1846 d.3/19/1926

We have little record of our grandfather's family, but I remember Aunt Priscilla, who married Daniel WARREN a very wealthy man who lived at Charity. She was a sister who first married Avery Jackson. I was told by Aunt Martha that Grandfather had a brother who married about 1818 to 1820, who took his young wife and went west. He was last seen crossing the Mississippi going to Missouri.

Grandfather Lewis NEWSOM was a member of the Lincoln county court a great many years. He spent most of his time until 1860, supplying Southern planters with food, clothing, and mules. When the war broke out in 1861 he owned 13 negroes. They all remained with him until he died, except old Jord, who ran off and joined the Yankee Army, and was never heard from. Old Mammy Mariah who helped raise the family, went to live with Aunt Martha WILES at the death of Grandfather. She lived to be about 96 years old. She mammied four generations of NEWSOMS. She was totally blind and helpless for several years before she died. Aunt Martha kept a nurse who remained with her after she was in this condition until she died. Aunt Martha could have sent her to the poor house but to do such a thing was not Aunt Martha. A better woman than Aunt Martha never lived.
-Henderson Overby NEWSOM


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