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Reaves, David



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Nothing is currently known about this David Reaves except that he had an account for 86 days participation in the militia under Jacob Buxton during the Revolutionary War. Buxton was a Lieutenant and Captain in the Upper Granville County Regiment in South Carolina. Although Granville County was technically abolished in 1769, it included what became Beaufort County. This suggests a connection to the David Reeves who later lived in Beaufort County.

This is undoubtedly the same David Reeves who was a taxpayer in Winton County around 1787 according to court minutes. He is mentioned as a juror in Winton County court minutes 5 Aug 1788, a delinquent in Winton County court minutes on 4 Nov 1788, as a juror in Winton County in the court minutes for 2 Aug 1790. He is listed in the 1790 census in the south part of Orangeburg District (in which Winton County was located). Other taxpayers in the same list for Winton County from around 1787 show on the same or nearby census sheets in Orangeburg in 1790.

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