Reaves, Drury (c1740 - 1792 SC)


Reaves, Drury


Father: William Reaves - Undocumented and questionable
Mother: Prudence Harrelson - Undocumented and questionable

Birth: c1740 Virginia? or North Carolina
Birth Source: Estimate based upon earliest records as adult

Death: 1792, Darlington, South Carolina
Death Source: Administrator's Bond on the Estate of Drury Reeves filed 20 May 1793 but 1792 date appears on an earlier citation regarding Drury Reeves Estate



There is no documentation to confirm a relationship between Drury Reaves and William Reaves-Prudence Harralson.

Drury Reaves first appears in North Carolina in the deed indexes for the area of Old Dobbs County around 1765. His name appears repeatedly along with a Timothy Reaves as well as William Reaves, later of Wayne County.

From Dobbs county land records:
Entry #5802, page 69 Drury Reaves , 27 April 1767, 300 acres in Dobbs on the lower side of Fort Run joining Robert Williams, Joseph Hall, a point near Ready Branch, Thomas Predgen, and a point near Thomas Edwards.

From the New Bern District Court Records:
Folder title: 1771
Information: Arrest warrant for Drury REAVES. Charge of assault.
Date: 21 Nov 1771(date of warrant)
County: Dobbs

In April of 1784 in Wayne County, Drury Reaves is one of the signers of a legislative petition.

Darlington, South Carolina
Probate Roll 18
6. 15th An administration on the Estate of Drury Reeves granted May term 1793 to Robert Reeves Securitys William Standard & West Williams, penalty Sixty pounds.

In Will Book A is recorded Robert Reaves's application and granting for administration of Drury Reaves's estate.

Probable Children of Drury Reaves:
  1. Robert Reeves, b. before 1772, m. Ann Due on 1 Feb 1797
  2. Drury Reaves, b. 1773, d. 1856 in Wilcox County, GA, m. Elizabeth Brown
  3. Sarah Reaves, b. c1780, d. 1853, m. James Endleman Connell


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