Reaves, Drury (1773 NC - 1856 GA)

Drury Reaves

Reaves, Drury


Father: Drury Reaves

Birth: c1773, North Carolina
Birth Source:

Death: 11 Jun 1856, Wilcox County, Georgia
Death Source: Gravestone in Drury Reaves Cemetery

Spouse1: married c1810 to Elizabeth Brown, d. 5 Dec 1855, Wilcox County, Georgia


Children of Drury Reaves and Elizabeth Brown:
  1. John Reaves, b. 1812, m. Sealey Burnham
  2. Cecelia Reaves, b. 1815, m. George Reid
  3. Phillip Reaves, b. 1818, m. Eliza Boney
  4. Josiah Reaves, b. 1820, m. Eliza Roundtree
  5. Mary Reaves, b. 1825, m. Charlie Powell
  6. Sarah Reaves, b. 1829, m. William Akredge
  7. Lucretia Reaves, b. 1831, m. Tatum
  8. Martha?

Tombstone inscription describes him as Rev. Drury Reaves. Wilcox County, where they are buried, was formed from Dooly, Irwin and Pulaski Counties in 1857. They had been living in Irwin County.

Drury was already in Telfair County by 1812, for in that year he and Elizabeth sold some land to Philip Brown. The land had formerly been in Wilkinson County, but was then in Telfair County.

Drury sold some land in Irwin County in 1830 and bought some there in 1849. This fits with his removal from Telfair County to Irwin County by 1850.


1820 Census:  Telfair County, Georgia
1830 Census:  Telfair County, Georgia
1840 Census:  Telfair County, Georgia
1850 Census:  Irwin County, Georgia

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