Reaves, George (c1780 NC - 1838 NC)


Reaves, George


Father: probably Solomon Reaves Unknown
Mother: probably Sarah Floyd Unknown

Birth: after 1781, probably Brunswick County, North Carolina
Birth Source: Age estimate 40-49 years of age in 1830 Brunswick County Census

Death: May 1838, Brunswick County, North Carolina
Death Source: Application for widow's provision made to the Brunswick County Court at the September Session of 1838.

Spouse1: Unknown
Spouse1: Mary A. Gore, dau. of Joseph Gore, Sr.


Children of George Reaves:
  1. Edward C. Reaves, b. 1801 to 1807 (census varies)
  2. George W. Reaves, b. 1812
Children of George Reaves and Mary:
  1. John Reaves
  2. Rachel Reaves, m. George Ward
  3. Caroline Reaves
  4. Patricia Reaves
  5. Joseph Reaves
  6. Adeline Reaves
George Reaves is listed in the 1830 census of Brunswick County, North Carolina with a household as follows:
Males - 1 0-5; 1 5-10; 1 15-20; 2 20-30, 1 40-50
Females - 2 0-5; 1 10-15; 1 30-40

An 1831 Columbus County Deed from Joseph Gore, Sr. to his daughter Mary Reaves identifies the wife of George Reaves. Online I see that quite a few people have believed and posted that another daughter of Joseph Gore, Jr., married Joel Reaves, which was not the case. The deed mentioned, clearly states that Mary was the wife of George Reaves, not Joel.

Mary A. Reaves, widow of George Reaves, petitioned the Brunswick County Court in it's Sept Term 1838 for a year's provisions with which to provide for her family while his estate was being settled.

The youngest children listed above are named in an 1842 petition from the Estate File of George Reaves where Mary A. Reaves and these children requested a division of the slaves of George Reaves. The petition stipulated that Caroline, Patricia, Joseph and Adeline were minors.

Oddly, the household listing Mary Reaves as head of household in the 1840 census of Brunswick County does not appear to include an adult female. The household seems to only include the children of George and Mary Reaves with a male 20-29, perhaps John, listed as the oldest person in the household.

By the 1850 census, the entire family appears to have migrated elsewhere because there are no records in Brunswick or Columbus Counties.

Research Notes

George Reaves may have been a child of Solomon Reaves, but there is no documentation of that family connection. The only thing to support the claim is proximity.

There is no documentation as to the parentage of George W. and Edward C. Reaves, but they do appear to have a connection to this family and are undoubtedly the two males aged 20-30 listed in George's household in the 1830 census. It is unknown whether Mary Gore was the mother of all of George's children but currently no documentation has been found regarding an earlier wife; however Mary Gore appears to be too young to be the mother of George W. and Edward C. Reaves.


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