Reaves, Jane (? - ?)


Reaves, Jane


Father: John Reaves
Mother: Elizabeth

Birth Source:

Death Source:

Spouse1: Joseph Posey


Joseph Posey witnessed a power of attorney from John Reaves's widow Elizabeth to her son William in 1812. His wife was a Jane Reaves, which indicates she was probably the daughter of John.

From the minutes of a Presbyterian synod which met in 1797 in Greenesville, Tennessee to examine charges against Rev. Hezekiah Balch:
The third charge was "for marrying Joseph Posey and Jane Reeves together, knowing that he, Joseph Posey, had a lawful wife living within three miles of him." The first part of the charge, the marrying, he admitted; the latter part, involving criminality, he denied. Though he admitted he knew she had been his lawful wife. The judgment of the commission was, that "Posey had not been legally freed from his former wife" at the time Mr. Balch performed the marriage ceremony, and that "Rev. Hezekiah Balch had conducted in a precipitate and irregular manner, in marrying Joseph Posey to Jane Reeves, and that this action, if received as a precedent, would introduce great and manifold evils, both in church and state."

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