Reaves, Joseph (c1765 NC - c1840 NC)


Reaves, Joseph


Father: Unknown Reaves
Mother: Unknown

Birth: c1765
Birth Source: Estimate based upon census

Death: Probably before 1840, Greene County, North Carolina
Death Source: Unlisted in census records after the 1830 census of Greene County, North Carolina

Spouse1: Unknown


Joseph Reeves is named in the 1790 census of Dobbs County, North Carolina with a household consisting of 1 Male over 16 and 2 Females.

The inhabitants of Glasgow County petitioned the General Assembly regarding the Act of January 1792 dividing the county of Dobbs, to seek a better location for the courthouse of Glasgow. Among the signatories were William Reaves and Joseph Reaves, Glasgow County, August 1792.

Joseph along with William Reaves was on the 1793 tax list of Glasgow County which later became Greene County where he is recorded in the 1800 census. In 1800, his household consisted of 1 Male under 10, 1 Male 26-44, 1 Female 10-15 and 1 Female 26-44.

The list of taxables for Captain B. Sheppard's District of Greene County in 1816 included Joseph Reaves.

In the 1820 census, he is listed with 2 Males under 10, 1 Male 10-15, 1 Male over 45; 2 Females 10-15, 1 Female 26-44. It appears that Joseph's first wife was deceased before 1820 and he had remarried a younger wife.

The final census listing for Joseph Reaves is the 1830 census of Greene County, North Carolina in which his household is as follows: 1 Male 10-14, 1 Male 15-19, 1 Male 70-79; 1 Female 20-29 and 1 Female 40-49.

Research Notes

It may be possible that there was a family connection between this Joseph Reaves and an older Joseph Reaves who is listed in Deed Book 6, 1758-1765, of Dobbs County NC.


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