Reaves, Mark (c1763 NC - 1819 SC)

Reaves, Mark

Reaves, Mark


Father: William Reaves - Undocumented
Mother: Prudence Harrelson - Undocumented

Birth: c1763, North Carolina
Birth Source: Taxpayer in 1784 - presumably adult

Death: Nov 1819, Horry County, South Carolina
Death Source: 1819 Will, Will Book B, Page 3, Horry District

Spouse1: Spicy Ann Smith


Children of Mark Reaves as listed by son Rollins Lounds Reaves in 1898 letter:
  1. John Reaves, b. c1790, m. Sarah "Sallie" Smith
  2. Ales (sic Alice ?) Reaves, d. before Nov. 1819, m. Unknown Todd
  3. Mark Reaves, Jr., b. c1795, m. Nancy Ann Johnston
  4. Mary "Polly" Reaves, b. c1793, m. Jacob Johnston
  5. Candice Reaves, b. 1797, m. Joshua Johnston
  6. Solomon F. Reaves, b. c1802 South Carolina
  7. James Reaves
  8. Sarah Reaves, b. c1805 South Carolina, m.Elbert Crew
  9. Nancy Reaves
  10. Rollins Lounds Reaves, b. 1 Jan 1810
Mark Reaves is listed as a taxpayer in Brunswick County in 1782 and again in 1784.
From Brunswick County, North Carolina - Land Grant Book A
  • P 59 #336. Mark Reaves, 100 acres, both sides of Wild Cattle Branch. 8 Jan. 1798.
  • P 60 #337. Mark Reaves, 158 acres, Southside of Seven Creeks excepted from him out of a survey of David Allison, joins William Norris, John Beck and his own land. 8 Jan. 1798.
  • P 61 #338. Mark Reaves, 100 acres, mentions line of John Beck and Wild Cattle Branch, Frederick Branch. 8 Jan. 1798.
  • P 62 #339. Mark Reaves, 200 acres, Boziers Bay. 8 Jan. 1798.
  • Grant No. 414, Mark Reaves, 100 acres on Gum Swamp, Brunswick County, entered August 6, 1798, (issued December 21, 1799).

Horry County, South Carolina - Plat Book A, Pg 78
Mark REAVES: 750 acres on Simpson Cr. on Big Reedy Br., Cypress Br., Bridge Br. and Honey Cutt Br. and Woodpecker Bay, bd. by Thos. Livingston, Mark Reaves, vacant. Note: Sent by Genl. R. Conway. 13 Apr 1809 IV 25 1809

Letter from youngest son of Mark Reaves - Rollins Lounds Reaves:

Orange County, Florida
April 4th, 1898

Clerk of Court of Probate
Horry County, S.C.

Dear Sir: My father, Mark Reaves, lived and died in your county - died about 1820 possibly a little before or a little later. I am the youngest child and was borned on the 1st day of January 1810. I had several brothers and sisters viz. John, Mark, Solomon, James, Polly, Candice, Sarah, Nancy.

Polly and Candice married Jacob and Joshua Johnson - brothers. I moved from the district when I was eight or ten years old and lost the tract of our family. I moved away with the Johnsons named above. I am informed that my father left a will devising his estate. He lived near the ford of Simpson Creek on the road leading from some point in North Carolina to Shell landing on the Wakama River. I may have this name of river wrong. I do not know the description of the lands he owned but think he owned lands on both sides of the road I mention. I am also informed that the Johnsons mentioned were named as the executors of the will. Now I have never received anything from the estate, in fact, it has been in recent years that I have learned about the matter. One Frank Reaves of Lake County of this state - a grandson of my brother Mark Reaves, who visited me about Christmas gave me some information about the matter.

Now I write this letter and ask that you write me if the Will of Mark Reaves whom I described or mentioned above is in the records of your county and what disposition has been made of the estate. Any fee or fees you are entitled to will be forwarded on demand. You will see by the date of my birth that I am 88 years old and am consequently not posted as to the proper course these matters take or what fees to forward.

Please make examination and forward answer at once and oblige truly yours,
Rollins Lounds Reaves

written at the bottom is: The name Reaves is spelled Reeves by some and Reaves by others of our family.


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