Reaves, Sarah (c1810 - )


Reaves, Sarah


Father: Archibald Reaves, Sr.
Mother: Elizabeth Caldwell

Birth: c1810
Birth Source: Census

Death Source:

Spouse1: Alfred Campbell


Children of Alfred Campbell and Sarah Reaves:
  1. Mary Campbell, b. c1833
  2. Caroline Campbell, b. c1835
  3. Robert Campbell, b. c1838
  4. Caledonia Campbell, b. c1839
  5. Thomas Campbell, b. c1841
  6. ?Fannie Campbell, b. c1842
  7. Sarah Campbell, b. c1844
  8. ?Kate Campbell, b. c1846
  9. ?Thomas Campbell, b. c1848

Sarah was probably born in North Carolina. The 1850 census says South Carolina and the 1860 census says Tennessee.

Sarah Campbell, wife of Alfred Campbell is named as an heir of Mrs. Elizabeth "Rives" (widow of Archibald Reaves Sr.) in an 1845 bond in which they promised to deed their portion of their land to Alexander S. Reaves upon the death of Elizabeth Reaves.

Fannie, Kate, and the younger Thomas appear with them in 1860. It's possible some of these are grandchildren or adopted.

Alfred Campbell is buried in the Old Flat Creek Cemetery, Shelbyville, Bedford County, Tennessee. Sarah probably is as well, unmarked.

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1860 Census:  Bedford County, Tennessee

1845 Bond - Alfred Campbell to Alexander S. Rives - Bedford County, Tennessee Deed Book OO, p84