Reaves, Solomon (1754 VA - 1835 NC)

Reaves, Solomon

Reaves, Solomon


Father: William Reaves - Undocumented
Mother: Prudence Harrelson - Undocumented

Birth: c1754
Birth Source:

Death: About Feb. 1836, Columbus County, North Carolina
Death Source: Will of Solomon Reaves probated February Term 1836

Spouse1: Sarah Floyd, 1777, South Carolina
Spouse2: Winney MNU, b. 1772 per 1860 census


Children of Solomon Reaves and Sarah Floyd:
  1. George Reaves
  2. Joel Lide Reaves
  3. Mary Reaves, m. Joel Robbins
  4. Samuel Reaves
  5. Rhoda Caroline Reaves, m. John Gore
  6. Anna Reaves
  7. Charles Reaves
  8. Jerusha Reaves
  9. Prudence Reaves
  10. Olive Reaves
  11. Mark Reaves
The above children are undocumented and based primarily on proximity.

From Brunswick County, North Carolina Land Grant Book A -
  • P 147 #277. Solomon Reaves. 350 acres. South side of Seven Creeks. Issued 6 Dec. 1794.
  • P 148 #284. Solomon Reaves. 100 acres. Fork of Seven Creeks. Issued 8 Dec. 1794.
Solomon Reaves from Columbus County, North Carolina: Recollections and Records, p 287.
Farmer & minister - well known preacher, much in demand. Met the famous Methodist missionary Frances Asbury. By February 13, 1801, Asbury had visited Pee Dee, Britton's Neck, Little Pee Dee, Potato-Bed Ferry, Kingston (Conway), Kullim's Meeting House, Iron Run and Frinkes. On February 14, 1801, he arrived at Ebenezer and met Solomon Reaves. "A Solomon Reeves (sic) let me know that he had seen the Address, signed by me; and was quite confident that there were no arguments to prove that slavery was repugnant to the spirit of the Gospel; what absurdities will not men defend! If the gospel will tolerate slavery, what will it not authorize? I am strangely mistaken if this said Mr. Reeves has more grace than is necessary, or more of Solomon than the name." As he was somewhat unhappy with Reaves, Francis Asbury spent the night at the home of William Gore. The next day Asbury crossed the Waccamaw River, probably near Reaves Ferry, since he had lodged near Pireway and forded Seven Creeks. He went on to the homes of Abraham Bessent and William Gause and continued to Shallotte.

Research Notes

Although there is much speculation regarding the parentage of George Reaves who was living in Brunswick County along with Solomon Reaves' family and who is close in age to the children of Solomon, there is nothing to document a connection. The only evidence of a connection is proximity which is not a reliable source.


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