Reavis, Allen (1796 NC - 1887 AL)


Reavis, Allen


Father: possibly Allen Reavis, son of Thomas Reavis
Mother: Unknown

Birth: 1796, North Carolina
Birth Source: Estimate from Census

Death: Feb 1887, Jefferson County, Alabama
Death Source: Probate Records of Jefferson County AL

Spouse1: Jane Gough


Children of Allen Reavis and Jane Gough:
  1. James Reavis, b. 1818
  2. Catherine Reavis, b. c1821 m. John Frazier
  3. Dudley Reavis, b. 1824
  4. Allen Reavis, Jr., b. 1827
  5. Sarah Reavis, b. 1828
  6. William Reavis, b.
  7. John Reavis, b. 1839
  8. Elizabeth Reavis, m. Blecken Williams
  9. Jane Reavis, b. 1833, m. A. H. Blake
  10. Henry Reavis, b. 1841
  11. Joseph Reavis, b. 1842
The identity of Allen Reavis' wife Jane is established from the Surry County, North Carolina wills of both her father, James Gough (WB 4:123) and her mother, Catherine Gouch (WB 4:205). Each of the wills names their daughter Jane as Jane Reavis.

Both Allen and Dudley Reavis had accounts the records of the Clingman Store in Surry County. They are recorded in the earliest extant account book which covers 1818 to 1821. "Allin" Reavis and Charles Steelman paid on Dudley's account, indicating there may have been some relationship. It is also likely that Allen and Dudley Reavis were brothers since they were close in age (based upon the 1820 census) and Allen named one of his sons Dudley. There is also a Jesse Reavis living in the same district of Surry County in 1820 of the same approximate age who could be another brother.

In April of 1887, Mrs. Catherine Reavis Frazier filed a petition with the Jefferson County AL Court in regard to the estate of Allen Reavis, Sr. in which she listed the above named children with the exception of Joseph and Sarah. Sarah is recorded in the 1850 census as born 1828 but was not included in Allen Reavis' household in the 1860 census. Joseph, born 1842, is listed in the household of Allen Reavis, Sr. in both 1850 and 1860 census. Both Sarah and Joseph may have been deceased without heirs by the time Allen Reavis' estate was being probated in 1887.

On 24 May 1824, Allen Reavis received a grant (Certificate #3397) from the US General Land Office in Tuscaloosa, Alabama for 79.45 acres in Jefferson County, Alabama.

Jefferson County, Alabama, Deed Book 7
Warranty Deed Page 65-66
Wilborne Whittington, and wife Mary (X), to Allen Reavis, all of Jeff. Co. Ala.
$300.00. 200 acres, described as being the W½ of NE¼; the E½ of NW¼; the NW¼ of
SE¼; all of Sec. 13, Tp. 16, R. 1 W. Dated Jan. 4- 1841- Sig. of Wilborne Whittington
Ack. before B.E. Grace, Clk- Jan. 4-1841- Sig. of Mary (X) Whittington Ack. before
Richardson Frazer, J.P. Jan. 9-1841- Filed Jan 19- recorded Feb. 17-1841- B.E. Grace,
Clk. C.C-

Mortgate Page 400-401
Ricketts Blythe, of Jeff. Co. Ala., to James Reavis, of Cherokee Co. Ala. $125.
200 Acres, being the W½ of NW¼ of Sec. 20, Also the SE¼ of SE¼ of Sec. 18, Also, the
W½ of SW¼ of Sec. 17, all in Tp. 16, R. 1. E. Tuscaloosa Land Dist. Wit: Allen Reavis
& Jacob H. Franklin. Dated Feb. 7, 1843. Signature of Ricketts Blythe proved by __Allen
Reavis__, before J. Bagley, Clerk Co. Ct. Feb. 20, 1843. Filed Feb. 20, recorded March,
1843. J. Bagley, Clk. Co. Ct.


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