Reavis, James Alexander (1798 KY - 1838 IL)


Reavis, James Alexander


Father: Charles Reavis
Mother: Polly Ingram

Birth: 1798, Warren County, Kentucky
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Death: 1838, Sagamon, Macon County, Illinois
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Spouse1: Mary Baxter Harlan


Children of James Alexander Reavis and Mary Baxter Harlan:
  1. William Ingram Reavis, b. 1824
  2. Elisha Marcus Reavis, b. 1827
  3. Louise Reavis, b. 1829
  4. Logan Uriah Reavis, b. 1831
In the 1830 census of Sangamon, Illinois, Alexander is listed two residences from his father Charles Reavis.

According to family history, James' brother, Isham of Chandlerville, took in James' children following his death in 1838 until 1843 when Isham died. After Isham's death their care was then transferred to their mother's brother, William Harlan. Mary Baxter Larlan Reavis died circa 1851.

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1830 Census - Sangamon, Illinois
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