Reeve, Isaac (c1731VA-c1782VA)


Reeve, Isaac


Father: Unknown, but possibly John Reeve
Mother: Unknown

Birth: c. 1726-1731, prob. Northumberland Co., VA
Birth Source: Estimated from 1747 Tax List

Death: After 1782, Prince William Co., VA
Death Source: Mentioned in the will of John Reeve

Spouse1: Unknown


Isaac Reeve(s) was taxed in the household of James Bridges in Prince William Co., VA, in 1747. His placement as a tithable in Bridges's household indicates that he was aged 16 - 21. He may have been a relative living with Bridges, but he may also have been a farm worker hired by Bridges for a period of time.

Reeve(s)'s paternity is unclear. John Reeve left him a token bequest in his will. Bequests of this sort were often rendered in order to keep an heir from suing the estate of the basis that he or she had inadvertently been omitted from the will. Isaac Reeve's bequest indicates a relationship with John Reeve; moreover, it indicates that he might have had a legal claim on a portion of Reeve's estate. Yet John Reeve does not specify his relationship with Isaac Reeve. Might he have been a son? Might he have been a son-in-law? Might he have been a nephew? The evidence is unclear, but, since John Reeve had living offspring, the likeliest scenario is that Isaac was a son or son-in-law.

Isaac Reve is mentioned in Dumfries Store Accounts in 1763-1764 and 1765 as having had an account with John Glassford, a local merchant.

Isaac is mentioned in a 1777 tax list as having acquired 185 acres of land from George Reeves, Sr. This land later belonged to George's son Asa. The entry may have been a mistake; on the other hand, it is possible that Isaac acquired the land briefly, but a careful study of the land transactions indicates that this was the same land George Reeves, Sr., had earlier deeded to his son Asa, who came into full possession of it at George's death. Hence it is possible that the reference to Isaac Reeves as owner of this tract was in error.


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