Reeve, Jesse Smith (1814 TN - 1871 TN)

Reeve, Jesse Smith

Reeve, Jesse Smith


Father: Jesse Reeve
Mother: Ann (Nancy) Cox

Birth: 9 January 1814, Cocke Co., Tennessee
Birth Source: Price, Holston Methodism & Tombstone

Death: 2 December 1871, Blountsville, Tennessee
Death Source: Price, Holston Methodism & Tombstone

Spouse1: Naomi Worley (1823-1860)
Spouse2: Julia Tevis Cox, m. 6 Dec 1860, Washington Co., Virginia
Spouse3: Sallie McConnell Keys, m. 19 Oct 1865, Washington Co., Virginia


Children of Jesse Smith Reeve and Naomi Worley Reeve:
  1. Dr. Nathan H. Reeve, b. c1847
  2. Jesse Worley Reeve, b. 9 November 1848, d. 5 June 1854
  3. Anna C. Reeve, b. c1850, VA.
  4. William J. Reeve, b. c1852, VA.

Price, Holston Methodism, notes: Jesse Smith Reeve was married three times. His first wife was Miss Naomi Worley; issue four children. His second was Miss Julia Tevis Cox, sister to the well-known Miss Susan T. Cox, to Mrs. D. W. Barr, of Abingdon, Va., and to the Rev. Alexander Cox, for some time a member of the Holston Conference. She was also a niece of Mr. Edward Cox, of whom mention was made in Volume I, page 77. He married for his third wife a Mrs. Keys, of Washington County, Va., whose maiden name was McConnell. When he died he was buried at Ebenezer Church, in Tennessee, beside the wife of his youth and the mother of his children." Price goes on to describe how, during the Civil War, Reeve left Rheastown, Tenn., "where he was merchandising," to "refugee in Virginia." Price describes Reeve's life after the war, including his deathbed scene. He also notes his pro-Confederate views: "Jesse Smith Reeve was an ultra Southern man during the Civil War, and had the utmost confidence in Confederate money (for he was a merchant); and having on hand some fifteen thousand dollars, he invested it in tobacco and let it lie in a warehouse in Lynchburg, Va., until the close of the war, promising the Lord that he would sell whatever remained of it after the war and consecrate twenty-five percent of it to the Church. Although the Federal soldiers ransacked the city for booty two or three times, his tobacco remained undisturbed. After the war he sold it for something more than $3,000. A considerable sum, consisting of gold and silver, and forwarded to the Publishing House at Nashville, and the remainder of the Lord's part was given for various benevolent purposes."

Both Virginia marriage records state he was born in 1814 in Cocke County, Tennessee.

In an 1850 Deed from Greene County, Tennessee, Jesse S. Reeve of Washington County, Virginia, sold land to John W. Willhite as the executor of the estate of Jesse Reeve, deceased. (DB 24, p433)


Birth:       Tombstone, Ebenezer Methodist Church Cemetery, Chuckey, Greene Co., Tennessee
Marriage2: Virginia Marriages, 1785-1940 (FamilySearch)
Marriage3: Virginia Marriages, 1785-1940 (FamilySearch)
Death:      Tombstone, Ebenezer Methodist Church Cemetery, Chuckey, Greene Co., Tennessee
Census:    1860 Census - Greene County, Tennessee
                   1870 Census - Sullivan County, Tennessee
                   1850 Deed - Jesse S. Reeve to John W. Willhite - Greene County, Tennessee Deed Book 24, p433