Reeve, John (1730 - 1816)


Reeve, John


Father: Joseph Reeve
Mother: Ellen Bagnall

Birth: 5 May 1730
Birth Source: Quaker Records

Death: 4 Jan 1816
Death Source: Quaker Records

Spouse1: Elizabeth Brick, m. 6 Dec 1753
Spouse2: Jane West (Hewes), m. 24 5mo 1793, Woodbury Monthly Meeting, Gloucester County, New Jersey


Children of John Reeve and Elizabeth Brick:
  1. John Reeve, b. 3 Nov 1754
  2. Ellenor Reeve, b. 15 Jun 1757
  3. Peter Reeve, b. 1 Feb 1759

According to Quaker records Johns second wife Jane was the widow of Aaron Hewes. She was born "3 mo 10th (O.S.) 1746." Her maiden name was West and she and Aaron were married in 1769. The marriage certificate of John and Jane state they were married the 24th 5mo 1793. John was of Hopewell in Cumberland County and Jane was the widow of Aaron Hewed of Deptford in Gloucester County. Jane died 8 Jan 1820. She wrote her will in 1817 and it was probated in 1820.

The Yearly Meeting Minutes includes a memorial biography of John Reeve:
Testimony of Woodbury Monthly Meeting, respecting JOHN REEVE.
This our beloved friend was the son of Joseph and Eleanor Reeve, members of Greenwich particular meeting, in Cumberland County, New Jersey. From accounts received, he was born in the Fifth month 1727, and his youthful time of life was marked with sobriety, and circumspection of conduct and conversation. He settled within the verge of the above mentioned meeting, and early became an active and exercised member thereof. As he advanced in life, by being obedient to the manifestations of light and grace, about the twenty-eighth year of his age, he came forth in the ministry, to the satisfaction of Friends.
It appears that at different times, in gospel love, he visited the meetings of Friends in New England, New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey generally; and some of the meetings in the Southern States. In the year 1793 he removed to reside within the compass of this meeting, where his upright example, reverent waiting and gospel labours amongst us, have been impressive on many minds.
The latter part of his time, he frequently expressed, that he had served a gracious and good Master; and was often engaged in religious communication to his family and those about him. He appeared to be quietly waiting for a release from his bodily afflictions, which he bore with remarkable patience and resignation.
A few days before his departure, after saying, "I believe I shall not continue many days and perhaps not many hours," he expressed a desire to see the family together once more; who being called into the room, he spoke nearly as follows: "I feel my bodily strength weakening fast, and the lamp of life nearly extinguished." And after speaking affectionately to his wife, said, "Dear children I have endeavoured by precept and example to discharge my duty faithfully towards you. I have often interceded with fervent prayers to the Fountain of all good, on your behalf. Dear children live in love; live in love and harmony with one another: be kind and affectionate to one another: you have often been a comfort to me: I commend you to God, and the word of his grace." After which he seemed to revive a little, and some time after said, " I may continue perhaps a few days longer; but if it should be the Lord's will, I should be glad the time was come to be released. I am not afraid to die: what I am, I am by the mercy of God." And to his wife he said, "I have prayed that I might have an easy passage, which I now believe will be granted. My sufferings have been great, but they are nearly over."
The evening before his death he appeared fervent in prayer, though scarcely intelligible; but "O Lord my God," and "the dear Redeemer," were several times distinctly heard. He continued until ten o'clock next morning, when he quietly departed, the 4th First month 1816, in the eighty-seventh year of his age.

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