Reeve, Jonathan (c1686 - c1750)


Reeve, Jonathan


Father: Jonathan Reeve
Mother: Elizabeth Reeve

Birth: c1686
Birth Source: Baptismal record

Death: Nov 1749
Death Source: Burial record

Spouse1: Sarah Wade, m. 19 Jun 1718


Children of Jonathan Reeve and Sarah Wade:
  1. Jonathan Reeve, b. c1719
  2. John Reeve, b. c1721
  3. Sarah Reeve, b. 6 Jan 1728, bu. 14 Sep 1728
  4. Sarah Reeve, b. 20 Jan 1731

In 1720, a Chancery case was begun in which the son Jonathan Reeve was complaining against his mother Elizabeth that she had not fully performed the will of his father in relation to some property he claimed should be his per the will.
  • Facts according to the complaint of Jonathan (Jr) of Stambourne, Essex
    • High Garrett, property in Bocking - owned by Jonathan Reeve Sr. - made mortgage and indenture to Richard Hais or How for £400
    • soon after the mortgage was made, Jonathan Sr. made a indenture dated 15 & 16 Dec 1698 - Jonathan & Elizabeth Reeve & Anthony Bentall & Nicholas Marrett, for the land to descend to Elizabeth and then their sons John and Jonathan
    • Jonathan made his will 22 Sep 1712 - Jonathan Jr. and Elizabeth joint executors
    • disagreement arose between mother and son and so Elizabeth took sole executorship
    • Elizabeth executed a deed to her son Jonathan dated c17 Apr 1717 - all the goods according to an inventory of the farm High Garrett
    • Jonathan Sr had lands in Little Totham and Goldhanger which were conveyed to Jonathan Jr according to a mortgage from Nathaniel S. Sowtell? of Little Totham dated c1693
    • Jonathan claimed his mother had promised to lease High Garrett to him but she had not made the lease
  • Facts according to the answer of Elizabeth
    • "doth admitt it to be true that the Complt is eldest son & heir at law & also one of the extors of the last Will & Testam of Jonathan Reeve (this Defts late husband)"
    • confirms deeds including the one dated 16 Dec 1698 of the High Garrett property between "Jonathan Reeve of Bocking in the County of Essex Gent & Elizth his wife of the one part & Anthony Bentall of Halsted in the said County Gent & Nicholas Merrett of Halsted aforesaid Clothier of the other part"
    • The 1698 deed quoted in full which and states that part of the High Garrett property was "late in the teure or occupacon of John Reeve Gent brother of the said Jonathan Reeve" (Sr)
    • The 1698 deed states that some of the land was that which "the said Jonathan Reeve lately had and purchased to him & his heirs of & from the said John Reeve his brother"
    • The bargain and sale to Anthony Bentall & Nicholas Marrett which appears to be dated around the same time was "To the use of the said Jonathan Reeve" and "after his decease to the use of the said Elizth Reeve" to "the use of Jonathan Reeve Eldest son & John Reeve second son of the said Jonathan Reeve & Elizth his wife"
    • Refers to deed dated 13 Oct 1698 - John Reeve of Bocking deeded High Garrett to Jonathan (Sr) (this John would be Jonathan Sr's brother based on previous statements)
    • Elizabeth, the mother, promised her son Jonathan that if he would break off a courtship with Sarah Wade she would let him have the lease to High Garrett for some time. He promised not to marry her, but neither of these were ever reduced to writing. By the time of the complaint and answer Jonathan had married Sarah Wade and so Elizabeth was refusing to let him have the lease

Note that this case proves that this Jonathan, son of Jonathan and Elizabeth, is the same one who married Sarah Wade and who lived at Stambourne where his children were baptized.

From Great Yeldham, St. Andrew, Essex Parish Register:
  • (1718) Mr. Jonathan Reeve of the parish of Bocking & Sarah Wade of this Parish were married June 19 1718

From the Stambourne, St Peter and St Thomas, Essex Parish Register:
  • (1719) July 19 Jonathan son of Jonathan & Sarah Reeve was baptized
  • (1721/2 Mar) 24 John s. of Jonathan & Sarah Reeve bap

The following items from the Bocking Parish Register pertain to him and his family:
  • Jonathan son of Jonathan Reeve baptized 23 May 1686
  • Jonathan Reeves Sr buried 8 Nov 1749, age 65
  • Sarah daughter of Jonathan & Sarah Reeve born 6 Jan, baptized 2 Feb 1728
  • Sarah daughter of Jonathan Reeve buried 14 Sep 1728
  • Sarah daughter of Jonathan & Sarah Reeve born 20 Jan, baptized 2 Feb 1731

His will names wife Sarah and children Jonathan, John, and Sarah. A Richard Reeve of Bocking is also mentioned. He also mentions "my capital messuage or tenement and farm...commonly called Barretts." This property had been devised by his father jointly to himself and his mother Elizabeth.

Based on the will of his daughter Sarah, the widow Sarah and both sons were still living in 1753.

Research Notes

His son Jonathan is likely the one b. c1716 buried at Bocking 5 May 1795.


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Marriage1:  Great Yeldham, St. Andrew, Essex Parish Register 1560-1812, D/P 275/1/3
Burial:       Bocking, St. Mary the Virgin, Essex Parish Register 1670-1796, D/P 268/1/3

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