Reeve, Mark (1723 - 1788)


Reeve, Mark


Father: Joseph Reeve
Mother: Ellen Bagnall

Birth: 28 Dec 1723
Birth Source: Quaker Monthly Meetings Records

Death: 25 Oct 1788
Death Source: Quaker Philadelphia Meeting Minutes

Spouse1: Hannah Foster, m. 22 Oct 1761, Burlington County, New Jersey


Children of Mark Reeve and Hannah:
  1. Josiah Reeve, b. 23 Sep 1762
  2. Ann Reeve, b. 29 Feb 1764, d. 12 Aug 1778
  3. Mark Reeve, b. 30 Aug 1765
  4. William Reeve, b. 11 Dec 1766
  5. George Reeve, b. 19 Aug 1769, d. 31 Jul 1778

"Mark Reeve son of Joseph Reeve of the Township of Fairfield in the County of Cumberland in New Jersey and Hannah Foster Daughter of William Foster of the Township of Evesham and County of Burlington & province aforesaid."

The Quaker Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Minutes includes a biography read and approved at the Quaker meeting:
Testimony from the Monthly Meeting of Greenwich, concerning MARK REEVE.

THE Lord was pleased to visit him with the clear manifestations of his grace and truth, and as lie joined in therewith, he became fitted and prepared for service in the church.

He dearly loved the Society of his brethren, and much prized unity; knowing the comfort and benefit thereof, he obtained the character of a peacemaker.

A gift in the ministry was conferred upon him, and his mind became enlarged in the love of the gospel, preferring the service of truth to every outward consideration. In humility and meekness of spirit, his desires were to strengthen and encourage the good in all; that the unity of the Spirit might be experienced to be the bond of true gospel fellowship, and that each member might fill its station and proper allotment, to the edification and comfort of the body in love.

The situation of the enslaved and oppressed Africans early became the concern of his mind; and being deeply exercised on their account, he was a zealous advocate for their liberation both at home and abroad.

Being blessed with a sufficiency, his house and heart were open to entertain his friends; and in a particular manner such who were under religious engagements to travel in the cause of truth; to whom he was desirous to £2 be a fellow helper in the gospel, in much meekness and love.

His last illness was lingering and attended Avith much pain, which he was preserved, in a good degree, to bear with patience and resignation to the divine will: in which time many friends visited him, to whom he was frequently led to communicate advice suitable to their states, in a lively and feeling manner. One of his brothers coming in to see him, a short time before his decease, he said to him, with a composed and quiet mind, I am glad to see thee once more; I am drawing fast towards a conclusion, and am thankful I am not forsaken in the present hour; and as I have given the preference to the service of truth, I feel its gracious influence present with me: and clear I am, if Friends did but dwell near it, in the love of the gospel, their labours would be more blessed with success. Give my love to enquiring friends and others, as occasion may offer; and let them know, that in the same faith I have lived, I take my leave of the present world.

He passed away in a quiet state of mind, on the 25th of the Tenth-month, 1788, in the 65th year of his age.

Research Notes

Ann and George's deaths are recorded in the Green Street Monthly Meeting, Births and Burials, 1677-1806, p73 for the Philadelphia, PA meetings.


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Death:         Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Minutes, 1686-1850, p222-225 (Ancestry)

Green Street Monthly Meeting, Births and Burials, 1677-1806, p73 (Ancestry)
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