Reeve, Unknown (c1580 UK - ?)


Reeve, Thomas


Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown

Birth: c1580-1590
Birth Source: Estimate based upon ages of children

Death: Unknown
Death Source:



Children of Thomas Reeve and unknown wife:
  1. James Reeve
  2. William Reeve
Relationships of children are documented in various records of Southhold, Suffolk County, New York, i.e.

Probable child of unknown Reeve:
  1. Thomas Reeve

William Reeve was named as one of the executors of his brother James' estate in the 1692 will written by James Reeve and probated 4 Jul 1698.

Research Notes

This published study based upon the depositions of Thomas Osman does not make any assertions regarding a familial relationship between James Reeve and Thomas Reeve who was also named in the deposition; however Y-DNA of descendants of both James and Thomas matches, proving that they were in some way related.

Although the father of James, William and Thomas Reeve of Long Island is generally believed to be unknown, if the published volume A history of Mattituck, Long Island, N.Y. is to be believed, their father was also named Thomas. That book on page 44 makes the statement “The eastern part of the Reeve lot was owned wholly or part by William Reeve who died in 1696 a son of 1st Thomas.”


1692 Will of James Reeve - relationship of James and William Reeve
A history of Mattituck, Long Island, N.Y. by Charles E. Craven, pub. 1906