Reeves, Abner (c1755 NC - 1809 GA)


Reeves, Abner


Father: Malachi Reeves
Mother: Elizabeth MNU

Birth: c1755, Granville County, North Carolina
Birth Source: 1800 Census gives age as 1756-1776, but Abner is undoubtedly one of the 5 white tithes above 16 years of age in Malachi Reeves' household in 1771.

Death: bef Aug 1809, Wilkes County, Georgia
Death Source: Wilkes County Court Records

Spouse1: Sarah Wright, d. 18 Sep 1858, buried in Flat Rock Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Meriweather, Georgia


The following are the presumed children of Abner Reeves and Sarah Wright:
  1. Elizabeth Reeves, b. 13 August 1791, m. William Routon
  2. Tyre Reeves, b. 14 Aug 1793, m. Elizabeth Harper
  3. Martha Reeves "Patsy", b. 8 Apr 1796, m. Enoch Callaway
  4. Asa Reeves, b. 9 October 1798, m. Sarah E. Barnes
  5. William Reeves, b. 1 Jun 1803, d. Jan 1850, m. Sarah Jossey.
  6. Abner Reeves, Jr., b. c1805, m. Sarah Ann Hill on 24 Sep 1829
Abner Reeves first appearance as an adult on the tax lists of Granville County, NC is in 1782 where he is listed in the Fishing Creek District along with other family members. The Granville tax lists from 1772 to 1781 are not extant so it is unknown whether he may have been listed as an adult before 1782. He is listed next to William Wright which is more of an indication that they traveled together to pay their taxes than that they lived next door to each other.

Minutes of the Inferior Court
Wilkes County, Georgia
Page 205   -   Aug. 29, 1809. Abner Reeves, dec'd. Sally Reeves and John Wright appointed temporary Admrs.
Page 209   -   Nov. 6, 1809 Granted. Jonathan and Jeremiah Reeves, Security. William Roceter (sic) who has intermarried with Betsy Reeves, one of the heirs of Abner Reeves, asks commissioners be appointed to lay out to him his distributive share.
Wilkes County Original (Loose) Papers, Part 3, Page 284 - REEVES, ABNER dec'd est. Sarah Reeves and John Wright, admrs, Receipt of Wm. Routon Nov. 6, 1809 legacy in right of his wife for a slave, his part of personal est after the widows thirds were taken out.

The Early Records of Georgia, Vol. I, Wilkes County - p. 183
Page 32 - Nov. 2, 1812. Enoch Callaway who has married Patsy Reeves, one of the heirs and distributees of Abner Reeves, dec'd. asks for a division of the personal estate.

An article in The Meriwether Vendicator about the pioneers of Meriwether County, Georgia published in an issue of 13 Jan 1905 had the following information about the Reeves family which helps to identify the probable children of Abner Reeves:
William Reeves , resident of Alabama, Judge Thom. A. Reeves of Florida and Hon. Madison Reeves of LaGrange, all deceased, were sons of Asa Reeves. His brothers were the late Hon. Tyre Reeves and William Reeves , of this county, and Abner Reeves of Mississippi, also deceased.


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