Reeves, Abraham Paycom (c1791 - 1832 SC)


Reeves, Abraham Paycom


Father: Enos Reeves
Mother: Amy Legare

Birth: 10 Apr 1791
Birth Source: Legare Family Bible

Death: 9-16 Sep 1832, Charleston, South Carolina
Death Source: Charleston Deaths



In 1816, Abraham P. Reeves sold two slaves, Pattey and Becky, to Abigail Budd. (MB PPP, p216) In 1818, Abraham mortgaged some personal property to his brother Solomon since he was "justly indebted to Solomon Legare Reeves in the sum of Three hundred and Twenty dollars for money lent me by the said Solomon" in 1816. (MB QQQ, p104) In 1827, he mortgaged a house on Sullivan Island to Abraham Motte. (MB UUU, p204)

The death record states that Abraham P. Reeves died at age 41, 4 mo., and was buried at St. Phillips.


Birth:          Daniel Legare, Jr. Family Bible Record - Library of Virginia Family Bible Collection
Death:        South Carolina, Death Records, 1821-1965 (Charleston City Deaths)

1820 Census:  Charleston County, South Carolina
1830 Census:  Charleston County, South Carolina

South Carolina Mortgage Book PPP, p216
South Carolina Mortgage Book QQQ, p104
South Carolina Mortgage Book UUU, p204