Reeves, Armenia (c. 1806GA -c. 1880GA)

Reeves, Armenia

Reeves, Armenia


Father: Elijah Reeves
Mother: Lillie Ann Moore

Birth: c. 1806, Wilkes Co., GA
Birth Source: Estimated from Upson Co., GA, Census and Marriage

Death: Aft. 1880, Upson Co., GA
Death Source: 1880 Upson Co., GA, Census

Spouse1:Andrew C. Williams on 19 Nov 1827, Upson Co., GA
Spouse2:Isaac Dickinson on 24 January 1850, Upson Co., GA


Armenia married her first husband David Williams in 1827 in Upson Co., GA. Williams died early in their marriage, and Armenia remained a widow until 1850, when she married Isaac Dickinson, a recent widower. Dickinson, too, died soon after the marriage, and Armenia lived the remainder of her life a widower.

On 14 January 1847, Armenia Williams and Jeremiah R. Mann signed signed a bond in which Armenia Williams was appointed guardian of her three minor children, Mary Ann, Wilson L., and Andrew C. Williams.

On 8 May 1851 in Upson County, "Aremenia Dickinson, formerly Armenia Williams" made a payemnt of $194.78 to her daughter Mary Ann Holleman, formerly Mary Ann Williams, wife of William Holleman. She also made payments on the same day to Wilson L. Williams and Andrew C. Williams through their guardian Jeremiah R. Mann.

Armenia was living in GMD 537, Upson Co., GA, in 1860, at which time she was shown in HH 243/220 with several Dickinson step-children. Her daughter Mary Ann Holleman was in HH 249/225. She was shown in Upson Co., GA, GMD 537, HH 801/801 living with her stepson Bob Dickinson. She was still living in Upson Co., GA, GMD 537, in 1880, at which time she was shown as Armenia Dickinson, 65, Widow, Stepmother, GA/NC/GA. She was living with her stepson, Robert Dickinson, and his family. The 1860-1880 Upson Co., GA, Census enumerations indicate that Armenia was born c. 1814-1820. If she married at age 13, the 1814 birth date may be feasible. It seems likely that she was slightly older, born c. 1806 - c. 1812.

Children of Aremenia Reeves and Andrew C. Williams were:
  1. Martha A. Williams, born c. 1829. She married Charles Augustus Magnan in 1846.
  2. Mary Ann Williams, born c. 1830. She married William T. Holliman in 1850.
  3. Wilson L. Williams, born c. 1831. He married Martha Jane Smith in 1857.
  4. Andrew C. Williams, Jr., born c. 1832. He was still in Upson County in 1860.


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