Reeves, Bloomer White (1809, GA - 1900, GA)


Reeves, Bloomer White


Father: Elijah Reeves
Mother: Lillie Ann Moore

Birth: 18 November 1809, Wilkes Co., GA
Birth Source: 1860 Upson Co., GA, Census and tombstone

Death: 12 October 1900, Upson Co., GA
Death Source: Tombstone, Fellowship Church, Upson Co., GA

Spouse1: Nancy J. Mann, 18 Dec 1838, Upson Co., GA


Bloomer W. Reeves was apparently omitted from the 1850 Upson Co., GA, Census. He appears as a teacher in Upson Co., GA, school lists in the late 1850s and early 1860s.

Bloomer Reeves was enumerated in GMD 537, Upson Co., GA, Double Bridges P.O., in 1860, HH 340/306: B. W. Reeves, 50, Farmer, $3000/$15,250, GA; N. J., 47, GA; J. A., 20, male, Student, GA; H. B., 19, male, Student, GA; S. E., 17, female, Serving, GA; R. B., 16, male, Farm Hand, GA; N. A., 14, female, Teacher, GA; M. J., 11, female, GA; F. W., 9, female, GA; S., 4, female, GA; G. W. Mann, 14, male, GA; S. A. Mann, 10, female, GA; F. W. Mann, 8, female, GA.

1870 Upson Co., GA, Census, HH 796/796, p. 123: Blumer Reeves, 50, GA, $2500/$800; Anne, 56, Keeping House; Betty, 26, GA, At Home; Robert, 25, GA, Farm Hand; Nancy, 26, At Home, GA; Fannie, 17, At Home, GA; Fronie, 15, At Home, GA.

Bloomer and wife Nancy are buried at Fellowship Baptist Church in GMD 537, Upson Co., GA. Nancy was born 28 August 1813 and died 12 February 1884.

Known children of Bloomer White Reeves and Nancy J. Mann were:

  1. John A. Reeves, born c. 1840, GA. He died in 1863, CSA.
  2. Harrison B. Reeves, born c. 1841, GA. He died 1861-1865, CSA.
  3. S. E. Reeves, born c. 1843, GA. Her name seems to have been Elizabeth (Betty).
  4. Robert B. Reeves, born c. 1844, GA. He married Nancy E. Harris.
  5. Nancy A. Reeves, born c. 1846, GA. She married Henry O. McConnell.
  6. Martha J. Reeves, born c. 1849, GA. She married William Napoleon Austin.
  7. Frances White Reeves, born c. 1851, GA. She married James Lifsey.
  8. Saphronia Reeves, born c. 1856, GA. She married Marion Bagley.


1860 Upson Co., GA, Census
1870 Upson Co., GA, Census
Tombstones, Fellowship (Baptist) Church, Upson Co., GA
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