Reeves, Chesterfield C. (1834 KY - 1834 KY)

Chesterfield C. Reeves

Reeves, Chesterfield C.


Father: Peter M. Reeves
Mother: Sarah Hudnall

Birth: 7 Feb 1834, Warren County, Kentucky
Birth Source: Evidence of family researchers (see below)

Death: 28 Sep 1834, Warren County, Kentucky
Death Source: Evidence of family researchers (see below)



Research of Eve Evans Fee as posted to this family's records in Family Search:
In the James Hudnall (Jr.) Family Cemetery on the Hudnall farm near Richardsville, Warren County, Kentucky, there is an infant grave, at one time thought to be the grave of a child of James Hudnall Jr. and Rhoda Chastain, (and even before 1953, family genealogist Nora (Young) Ferguson entered this baby into James's and Rhoda's family as child #9), but Gilberta (Knickerbocker) Evans, in her 1957 notes of her visit to that cemetery, states that infant grave was actually a grave of a Reeves child, not a Hudnall child. Gilberta could not tell the first name of the child or who the parents were. In doing 2014 research through Nora's copious genealogical notes, Eve (Evans) Fee found a transcription of the tombstone made by Nora herself in a visit to the graveyard in 1953. The tombstone in 1953 read "Chesterfield C. Reeves, son of Peter M. and Sarah A. Hudnall Reeves, Infant 1834." Nora had added in her notes: "Jake, the house servant of Joseph and Sarah Best Taylor, carved a beautiful monument out of limestone for this baby." Obviously the tombstone/monument did not survive the years, but how glad we are that Nora had written the information down when the stone was still there and readable.

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