Reeves, Daniel (1844 WIL - 1929 SRY)


Reeves, Daniel


Father: William REEVES
Mother: Hannah Cook

Birth: 1844, Ludgershall, Wiltshire
Birth Source: Census and B.Reg.

Death: 1929, Wandsworth Reg. Dist.
Death Source: FreeBMD



Daniel Reeves is the youngest of the known children of William REEVES and his wife Hannah (nee COOK).His birth was registered during the June quarter of 1844 in the Andover Registration District when his mother's maiden name was noted as Cook. Whilst the Andover Registration District is within the Hampshire Registration County, it does include the Wiltshire parish of Ludgershall where subsequent census returns place Daniel's birth.

At the time of the 1851 census, on 30 March, Daniel appears in the household of his parents William and Hannah in Ludgershall, Wiltshire with six older siblings. He is 6 years, was born at Ludgershall.

A decade later and the 1861 census shows Daniel, along with his sister Sarah, still living with his parents William and Hannah again in Ludgershall. He is now noted as being 16 years old and described as a Labourer. See Research Note 1 below.

Daniel has yet to be identified on the 1871 census. He is no longer living with his parents in Ludgershall.

By the time of the 1881 census, Daniel has moved to London and is living as head of the second household at 12 Grant Road, Battersea, London (geographically Surrey). He is now 36 years old, still claims birth in Ludgershall, Wiltshire and is working as a Carpenter. He claims he is married to Eliza, who is only 26 and claims birth in St Pancras, Middlesex. See Research Note 2 below.

Daniel has yet to be positively identified on the 1891 census.

By the time of the 1901 census, it is possible he is the individual living at 54 Wayford Street, Battersea. He now claims to be 58 years old and that he was born in Wilshire, but with "Town Unknown". He is working as a General Labourer.   It is possible his memory was failing or that the information was provided by his wife Rachel (sic) who is 48 years old and claims birth in Westminster, London. Again no probable marriage entry has yet been identified. See Research Note 3 below.

On the 1911 census Daniel is an inmate in the Wandsworth Union (Workhouse) Infirmary on St James Road, Battersea. He is 66 years old and again claims birth in Ludgershall, Wiltshire. He is married and was employed as a Builder's Labourer.

It is probable that Daniel's is the death noted by FreeBMD during the fourth quarter of 1929 in the Wandsworth Registration District. His age at death of 79 matches a birth c1845.

Research Notes

(1)   On the 1861 census, whilst others on the same page are described as Agricultural Labourers, Daniel is simply described as a Labourer.

(2)   A probable marriage of Daniel Reeves between 1863 (when he would have been 18) and 1881 has yet to be found. FreeBMD list only five entries across this period involving Daniel Reeves and seven for Daniel Reeve. None are Wiltshire. Two are in London. There are no matches for the marriage of a Daniel Reav*.
  • In 1q1877 in Wandsworth Registration District FreeBMD notes the marriage of Daniel Reeves and Maria Charlotte GUNNELL (The other possible pairing Richard Paul A SWETTENHAM and Isabel STEPHENSON have been identified on the 1881 census in Hurworth, Durham.)
    • On the 1881 Census, a Maria C REEVES appears as the wife of Aurthur J REEVES, a Shipping Clerk born Hastings Sussex. They have a young dauhter Lilian M Reeves, aged 2 born Southwark. The GRO Index to Births shows Lilian Maria REEVES b.reg. during 3q1878 in St Olave Southwark Reg Dist with mother's maiden name of WATERS. This in turn points to a FreeBMD m.reg. in Camberwell Registration District between Arthur J REEVES and Maria Clara WATERS, so negating this 1881 census entry.
  • The second London marriage was during 3q 1866 in the Pancras Registration District, but Eliza would have been only 11, if her age in 1881 is correctly recorded.

(3)   The discrepancies in the information from the 1901 census are concerning. On the 1881 and 1911 census Daniel's age and place (village) of birth are consistent. It is therefore possible an incorrect Daniel has been identified on the 1901 census, but this given name and county of birth are not very common.


Birth:        GRO Index   1844, June quarter, Andover Registration District
Death:      FreeBMD   1923, December quarter, Wandsworth Registration District
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1901 Census: perhaps   RG13, Piece 9452, Folio 88 face, Page 11, Schedule 76
1911 Census: RG14, Piece 2250, Reg. Dist. 26 (Wandsworth), Sub Dist. 3 (South West Battersea), Enum. Dist. 32, Page 15, Row 4
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