Reeves, Drury (c1813 SC - )


Reeves, Drury



Birth: c1813, South Carolina
Birth Source: Census

Death: Nov 1869, Laurens County, South Carolina
Death Source: Mortality Schedule

Spouse1: Elizabeth


Children of Drury Reeves and Elizabeth:
  1. Sarah Reeves, b. c1839
  2. Georgianna Reeves, b. c1840
  3. Robert Reeves, b. c1842
  4. William Reeves, b. c1844
  5. James Reeves, b. c1845
  6. Thomas Reeves, b. c1847
  7. David Reeves, b. c1849
  8. Emma E. Reeves, b. c1852
  9. Louisa Reeves, b. c1854
  10. Thaddeus Benjamin Reeves, Sr., b. 1855
  11. Clarentine Reeves, b. c1858
  12. Manning Austin Reeves, b. 17 Jun 1860

His father was probably living with him in 1840.

Listed as Denny Reeves on the 1860 census. There's a headstone (but more recent) for him in the Medlock Puckett Knight Cemetery, Ware Shoals, Laurens County, South Carolina.

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Death:        1870 Mortality Schedule

1840 Census:  Laurens County, South Carolina
1850 Census:  Greenville County, South Carolina
1860 Census:  Laurens County, South Carolina
1870 Census:  Laurens County, South Carolina (Elizabeth HOH)