Reeves, Dudley G. (c1810s - )

Dudley G. Reeves

Reeves, Dudley G.



Birth: 1810-1820
Birth Source: 1840 Census

Death Source:

Spouse1: Nancy Caroline Crockett


The Dudley G. Reeves living in Troup County, Georgia appears to the same one referred to in an article in the Columbia Telescope in South Carolina as living outside of South Carolina.

In Equity.
Lancaster District
John P. Crockett, executor, } Bill to Account,
        vs.                                     } and
James Gordon, ex'r et al.     } For Partition
It apppearing to the satisfaction of the commissioner, that Archibald Crockett, Benjamin Garrison and Jane his wife, Robert W. Crockett, Dudley G. Reeves and Caroline his wife, James Robinson and Lavisa his wife, and William Crockett, defendants in the above stated case, are absent from and reside without the limits of this State. On motion of Clinton, complaintant's solicitor, it is ordered that the said defendants do appear and answer, plead or demur to the aforesaid Bill, within three months from the publication hereof, or that the same be taken pro confesso against them
J. H. WITHERSPOON, jr. C. E. L. D.
Commissioner's Office }
Sept. 25, 1838.               }

In a deed from 1843 recorded in Obion County, Tennessee, John and Catherine Crockett sold some land to Dudley situated in Obion County. He apparently moved to Obion County, for in 1846, as Dudley G. Reaves of Obion County, he sold a "negro boy Andrew" Elijah B. Crockett "during the natural life of my wife Nancy C. Reaves." He and his wife then sold some land to John Crockett in 1848.

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