Reeves, Elisha (1788 SC - ?)

Elisha Reeves

Reeves, Elisha


Father: Daniel Reeves
Mother: Ellenor Guthrie

Birth: 20 Aug 1788, South Carolina
Birth Source: RW Pension File of Daniel Reeves and Census

Death Source:

Spouse1: Keziah Berry, m. 7 Nov 1807 in Davidson County, Tennessee


Children of Elisha Reeves:
  1. Eli Reeves, b. c1817
  2. Susan G Reeves, b. c1808, m. Nathaniel M. Felts
  3. Rhoda A Reeves, b.
  4. Evellen or Avanilla Reeves, m. Pinson/Pardin/Purden
  5. A C Reeves, b.
  6. John D Reeves, b. c1822-1830
  7. Jonathan J Reeves, b. c1828
  8. James P Reeves, b.

Possible Children of Elisha Reeves:
  1. George F. Reeves, b. c1838

Very little information is available regarding Elisha Reeves beyond that contained in Daniel Reeves RW pension application. His 1807 marriage and the 1820 and 1830 Census are the only documents found at present.

He was listed on the 1811 tax list of Davidson County, Tennessee along with his father, Daniel and brothers James and Elijah.

Elisha was not mentioned in the 1824 will of his father Daniel Reeves although since Daniel only mentioned his wife and daughters in that will and none of his sons, it may just be that he had given them their legacies before his death as was often common.

In the 1820 census, his household consists of 3 M <10; 1 M 26-44; 1 F <10; 1 F 10-15 and 1 F 26-44.

His household in 1830 lists 2 M <5; 3 M 5-9; 2 M 10-14; 1 M 15-19; 1 M 40-49; 1 F 15-19; 1 F 40-49.

In 1824, Elisha Reeves of Davidson County, Tennessee bought land from Christian Swiggart in Robertson County. The land was bound to Swiggart for future payment by Elisha. When Swiggart died and in 1830, Charles Bidwell, the Administrator, deeded the land to Elisha for one cent. Then Elisha turned around and sold it back to Charles Bidwell. In 1826, Elisha bought nine and three fourth acres from Elisha Pilant for fifty dollars.

In the Gleanings From Here 'N There section of the Tennessee Genealogical Magazine Vol. 50, No. 1 contains the following:
LETTERS from some Tennessee cousins to their aunt, Anna Howe, in Jefferson Co., Ill.,, are published in The Saga of Southern Illinois, Vol. XXIX, No. 4. The letters are from descendants of Abraham and Keziah Jones who were in Davidson Co., Tenn., area before statehood. Abraham died in defense of Fort Nashboro in 1782, leaving a son, Shadrack (b. ca. 1776-78), and a daughter, Elizabeth "Betsy" Jones (b. ca. 1779-1780). Shadrack married Cilla Dowlen in Davidson County in 1803, and Betsy married Thomas Watts in Davidson in 1807. Their mother, Keziah, married a man named Berry about 1790 and had four more daughters whose married names were: Nellie Felts, Mary Harris, Keziah Reeves, and Annie Howe. All of the letters to Annie were from relatives in Robertson Co., Tenn.

The Robertson County Court minutes from 30 January 1831 (or possibly 1851) mention the division of land among the heirs of Elisha Reeves. These are named as Eli Reeves, S. G Felts, formerly S. G. Reeves, R. A. Reeves, the heirs of Evellen Pindon? formerly Evelleen Reeves, A. C. Reeves, John D Reeves, J D Reeves, and J J Reeves. Later deeds suggest James P. Reeves was one of these in the list, probably the "J D" listed. In a Robertson County Deed, Bk 10 p388, Eli Reeves conveyed unto John D Reeves the "undivided interest" of Nathaniel M. Felts, James D. Reeves, Jonathan J Reeves, and his own in the dower that was laid off to Martha Reeves, the widow of Elisha Reaves.

The mention of a Martha Reeves as widow of Elisha may suggest he was married multiple times. There was a George F. Reeves, age 12 on the 1850 census with her.


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