Reeves, Daniel (1754 VA - 1824 TN)


Reeves, Daniel


Father: John Reeves
Mother: Nancy

Birth: 10 Oct 1754, probably Virginia
Birth Source: RW Pension File W5687

Death: 28 Aug 1824, Davidson County, Tennessee
Death Source: RW Pension File W5687

Spouse1: Ellenor Guthrie, 17 Mar 1779, South Carolina


Children of Daniel and Ellenor Guthrie Reeves were:
  1. Daniel Reeves, b. 2 Mar 1781
  2. William Reeves, b. 25 May 1783
  3. James Reeves, b. 10 Oct 1784
  4. Elijah Reeves, b. 20 Feb 1786
  5. Elisha Reeves, b. 20 Aug 1788
  6. Sarah Reeves “Salley”, b. 15 May 1791, m. Hosea Chesser
  7. Nancy Reeves, b. 27 Feb 1794, m. Simpkins
  8. Elender Reeves, b. 6 Nov 1796, m. John Davis
  9. Hannah Reeves (Anne), b. 21 July 1799, m. Aquila Price
The names and dates of the births of Daniel's children are from his Revolutionary War pension file. In statement of 14 Apr 1838 from RW pension file, the birth year of James was corrected to this date.

There is no county in South Carolina identified in the pension file of Daniel Reeves as being his home when he volunteered for service in the Revolutionary War; however, he joined the 3rd Regiment South Carolina Continental Line a month after it was established according to his statement in 1819. Research of the 3rd Regiment indicates that it was composed of volunteers from the area of the western frontier of South Carolina and was organized in the Old 96th District in June of 1775. Further research has led to the belief that Daniel's home had been in the area of Lancaster/Chester counties of SC. Daniel's home was undoubtedly Lancaster County and was described as above Camden in the description given by his brother William in his affidavit for Daniel's RW pension.

Further research from information learned from Daniel Reeves pension application reveals the following: Daniel Reeves was a Private in the 3rd Regiment (Rangers) South Carolina State Troops. In September 1776, the State of South Carolina placed the State Troops onto the Continental Line. Daniel Reeves and the 3rd Regiment were commanded by Capt. Eli Kershaw and Lt. Col. William Thomson. Daniel Reeves was wounded first at Cowpens, probably the wound to the abdomen and wounded the second time in the arms with a sword, possibly at the battle of Sullivan's Island, another known battle he participated in. It is also known that Daniel Reeves was also in the South Carolina Militia commanded by Capt. Steele and Capt. Land. Recent research indicates that there was a Capt. John Steele and Capt. Eli Kershaw commanding the Fairfield Regiment, New Acquisition Regiment, Spartan Regiment, and Chester District Regiment, ALL locations within the Camden District, which Kershaw and Lancaster Counties are located. Special Note: Female Descendants of Daniel Reeves are eligible for membership in the Daughter's of the American Revolution, as two descendants are registered. Daniel Reeves and noted wife Eleanor are registered on the Patriot Index with the Sons of American Revolution.

Daniel Reeves received a warrant for 300 acres of land in Wilkes County, Georgia, in 1787; he was taxed there in 1794 with 263 acres in Pistol Creek joining Thomas Hooper.

From the County Court Minutes, July Term 1787 of Davidson Co., Tennessee, "Ordered that Robert Heaton Enoch Heaton Danl Reeves Richard Happier Thos Hickman Wm Lenore David Hood Thos Heaton & Geo Ury or any five first sworn lay off a Road from Bakers ferry to Hickmans ferry and report same to Insuing Court."

In a statement in Daniel's Pension record, one Thomas Hickman states that Daniel moved to Davidson County, Tennessee in or about 1796.

Daniel received a grant for 50 acres in Davidson in 1798. He then sold the same land to Thomas Russell the next year.

Daniel Reeves appears on Jury 13 and 14 for April 18, 1800 in Davidson County, TN.

William Reeves of Smith County Tennessee gave testimony in support of Ellenor Reeves' widows application stating that he was the brother of Daniel Reeves and that Daniel was about 15 years older than himself. He remembered his brother coming home wounded from one of the battles during the revolution and that he was shot through the abdomen and also his arms were wounded with a sword. After being wounded, he was taken prisoner but was left in their neighborhood. William stated that the home of their father was at that time some miles above Camden which would indicate their home was probably in Lancaster County.

In January of 1819, Jesse Reeves of Maury County, Tennessee gave a deposition in support of Daniel Reeves' revolutionary war pension stating that he and Daniel were cousins and that their families lived near to each other. Again in 1846 when he was living in Lauderdale, Alabama, Jesse Reeves gave testimony supporting Ellenor Reeves' widow's pension. He recalled that Daniel had become engaged to marry Ellenor Guthrie before his enlistment. Ellenor was an orphan girl and lived with a near relation, Mr. Land, who was a close neighbor. Daniel Reeves and Ellenor Guthrie were married at the house of Mr. Land and on next day took dinner at the house of this Jesse's father because Daniel did not like his step mother, the 2nd wife of his father who also lived in the neighborhood. The same cause of dislike made Daniel Reeves leave his wife at the house of Jesse Reeves' father after his furlough while he went back and served out the balance of his time as a soldier in the revolultion.

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