Reeves, Jesse (1766 SC? - bef 1850 AL)

Reeves, Jesse

Reeves, Jesse


Father: probably Elisha Reeves
Father: Moses Reeves
Mother: probably Jane MNU

Birth: 1766, probably in South Carolina
Birth Source: DOB from 1846 Affidavit regarding application for RW pension by Daniel Reeves' widow

Death: before 1850, Lauderdale County, Alabama
Death Source:



Very little is known of Jesse Reeves other than what information he gave in his statements regarding the Revolutionary War pensions of Daniel Reeves and widow's pension of Daniel's wife, Ellenor. Based on a study of Reeves men living in what became Lancaster County, SC, during the 1770s, it would appear that brothers John Reeves and Moses Reeves migrated together from Virginia to what became Lancaster County. They were living near one another during the 1770s and 1780s, although Moses later moved further south into Kershaw County. There was an Elisha Reeves who was enumerated in Lancaster County in 1790. It was initially thought that this Elisha might have been John's brother and Jesse's father, but further research suggests that Elisha Reeves was probably a younger man and likely a son of John Reeves.

Possible children of Jesse Reeves and unknown wife (undocumented and based solely upon proximity):
  1. Andrew Reeves, b. 1790 SC
  2. John C. Reeves, b. 1796 SC
  3. Joseph Reeves, b. 1800 SC
  4. Jesse Reeves, b. 1808 TN

Jesse was one of the administrators of Moses Reeves in Kershaw County, South Carolina, in 1797, along with Prestley Reeves. Kershaw Court minutes show that Jesse was involved in 1793 in suits against Hugh McGee, James Love, and Thomas Jones. The actual case record for 1792 shows that in 1791 Hugh McGee had promised in 1791 to pay thirteen pounds for tobacco delivered to him by Jesse Reaves. This was never paid and the sheriff was given a notice in 1792 to arrest Hugh McGee and bring him before the court to answer to Jesse. In 1794 he was involved in a suit against John Coats.

Both Jesse and his cousin Daniel Reeves are found in the 1812 tax lists of Maury County, Tennessee. That same year Reuben Reeves and his son Joel are also recorded in Maury County's tax listings as well as several other yet unidentified Reeves' individuals.

Jesse Reaves, as assignee of William Hart, was granted a total of 32 acres in Hickman County, Tennessee by two different Tennessee grants dated 16 September 1815, both surveyed 22 April 1815.

He sold this land on the 20th of February, 1816 to Lewis Gardner. The deed was recorded in 1832, at which time Jesse Reeves appeared in open Court in Lauderdale County, AL to testify to certify the deed.

In January of 1819, Jesse Reeves of Maury County, Tennessee gave a deposition in support of Daniel Reeves' revolutionary war pension stating that he and Daniel were cousins and that their families lived near to each other. Again in 1846 when he was living in Lauderdale, Alabama, Jesse Reeves gave testimony supporting Ellenor Reeves' widow's pension. He recalled that Daniel had become engaged to marry Ellenor Guthrie before his enlistment. Ellenor was an orphan girl and lived with a near relation, Mr. Land, who was a close neighbor. Daniel Reeves and Ellenor Guthrie were married at the house of Mr. Land and on next day took dinner at the house of this Jesse's father because Daniel did not like his step mother, the 2nd wife of his father who also lived in the neighborhood. The same cause of dislike made Daniel Reeves leave his wife at the house of Jesse Reeves' father after his furlough while he went back and served out the balance of his time as a soldier in the revolution.

In the 1840 census of Lauderdale County, Alabama the household of J. Reeves contains two persons - 1 male 70-79 and 1 female 70-79.


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