Reeves, Nancy (1794 GA - ?)

Reeves, Nancy

Reeves, Nancy


Father: Daniel Reeves
Mother: Ellenor Guthrie

Birth: 27 Feb 1794, Georgia
Birth Source: RW pension statement of Daniel Reeves, Census

Death: c1860, Davidson County, Tennessee
Death Source:

Spouse1: Orman Allen Simpkins, m. 29 Dec 1815 in Davidson County, Tennessee


Children of Nancy Reeves and Orman Allen Simpkins:
  1. Martha A. Simpkins, b. 1818, m. William S. Duke on 21 Sep 1833
  2. Rhoda Ann Simpkins, m. Green W. Duke on 9 Jan 1840
  3. John M. Simpkins, b. 1820, m. Martha Cato on 23 Mar 1843
  4. Williamson D. Simpkins, m. Elizabeth Coto on 11 Jun 1844
  5. Jonathan W. Simpkins, b. c1827, m. Malinda A. Lenox on 11 Dec 1847
  6. Ormand Allen Simpkins, m. Margaret Lenore on 6 Dec 1849
  7. James M. Simpkins, b. 1834, m. Iredith C. Lenox (?) on 21 Jan 1856
1856 Will of Orman A. Simpkins names the above children.

28 Jan 1860 Will of Nancy Reeves Simpkins:
I, Nancy Simpkins of the county of Davidson and state of Tennessee being weak and infirm of body but of sound dispersing mind and memory, hereby make and ordain this my last will and testament in the manner and form following, to wit:
First, I hereby appoint my son Williamson D. Simpkins my executor in whose hands I have this day placed money and notes to the amt. of Four hundred and thirty nine 75/100 dollars which, with the proceeds of all and every other
property I may have at the time of my demise, I wish him the said W. D. to dispose of in the following manner. I wish him to pay all my just debts and to place grave stones at the graves of my husband, my son and my own grave.
The balance I leave for the benefit of my two daughters Martha and Rhoda. To each of whom I wish him to pay annually the sum of thirty dollars until the whole shall be paid tot hem for their own exclusive use and benefit or to
their children. In testimony whereof I have this day set my hand and seal. January 28, 1860
                                    Nancy (her mark) Simpkins (seal)
R. A. Reeves
J. E. Manlove


Census:     1850 Census - Davidson County, Tennessee
History:    Will of Orman A. Simpkins
                   Will of Nancy Reeves Simpkins