Reeves, Elizabeth (c1723 VA - c1751 VA)

Reeves, Elizabeth

Reeves, Elizabeth


Father: George Reeves
Mother: Anne Doggett

Birth: c. 1723, Northumberland Co., VA
Birth Source: Estimated

Death: Aft. 1751, Prince William Co., VA
Death Source: Alive at time of her father's deed of gift

Spouse1: (probably) William Haggard


As per her father's 1751 deed of gift, Elizabeth's married name was Haggard. William Haggard — the only Haggard taxed in Dettingen Parish in 1747 — was taxed immediately after George Reeves in that year, suggesting he had accompanied George Reeves into town to pay his tithe tax for that year. While the link is speculative, he is the most likely candidate to have been Elizabeth's husband.

The 1760 Prince William County rent roll showed William Haggard with 100 acres, "suposed to be part of the same," referring to the 813 acres wrongly credited to John Reeves, Jr. Coupled with the 1751 deed, this establishes William Haggard as Elizabeth's husband.


History:   1747 Prince William Co., VA, Tithables List
                   1751 Deed - George Reeves to Children -Prince William Co., VA Deed Book M, 1749-1752, Pgs. 191-194