Reeves, George W. (1835 IL - 1879 NE)

George W. Reeves

Reeves, George W.


Father: George Reeves
Mother: Elizabeth Doughton

Birth: 1835, Putnam County, Illinois
Birth Source: Census and records of 1st Nebraska Regiment

Death: 27 Apr 1879, Douglas County, Nebraska
Death Source:



George W. Reeves enlisted as a sergeant in Company E, Nebraska 1st Infantry Regiment of the Union army on 18 Jun 1861. He was promoted to Full 2nd Lieutenant on 26 Apr 1862 and mustered out on 5 Aug 1862. He received a disability discharge from Company G, 1st Infantry Regiment Nebraska on 21 Dec 1862.

He was wounded when hit by a spent shell above the right knee at the Battle of Shiloh. The military surgeons treated him for several months for synovitis, but they finally reported that the condition needed rest to heal. He resigned his commission on 20 Aug 1862 and returned to his family in Nebraska.

According to the records of the 1st Nebraska Regiment, George was 6 feet tall with a sandy complexion, hazel eyes and red hair.

His full name may have been George Washington Reeves for in some census when he was younger, his family appeared to have called him "General Washington".

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