Reeves, Harvey (1841 WOR - 1911 ESS)


Reeves, Harvey


Father: Reeves, Charles
Mother: Ruston, Sarah

Birth: November 1841
Birth Source: Birth Certificate

Death: March 1911
Death Source: Death Certificate

Spouse1: Witts, Mary Ann
Spouse2: Pope, Maud H.


Harvey REEVES was born in early November 1841 a few months too late to appear on the 1841 census, the son of Charles REEVES and his wife Sarah (nee RUSTON). [It is thought his mother was also known as as Sarah Ann and as Susan (which appears on the 1841 census).] His mother died within a couple of weeks of giving birth from Puerperal Fever. 1   FamilySearch notes Harvey's baptism in November 1841 in the records of the Parish Church of All Saints, Worcester with the family surname indexed as Reeve (sic).

1851 Census - Harvey Reeves shown aged 9 (Scholar) living in Worcester, Worcestershire with his father Charles and his step mother Jane (nee COURT) plus his siblings from his father's first marriage.

Harvey Reeves married his first wife Mary Ann WITTS in September 1860 at the Parish Church of St Clement, Worcester. There is a corresponding entry in FreeBMD during the third quarter of 1860 in the Worcester Registration District.
The known children of Harvey REEVES and his wife Mary Ann (nee WITTS) are
  1. Charles Henry Reeves, b.reg. 3q1861, bapt. Aug 1861
  2. Harvie Martyne Reeves, b.reg. 2q1864, bapt. June 1864
  3. Ethel Mary Reeves, b.reg. 1q1878
The birth of each of their three children was registered in the Worcester Registration District and the baptism of their two sons was recorded in the registers of the Parish Church of St Clement, Worcester.

1861 Census - Hervey(sic) Reeves, married, aged 19 – (Compositor and Printer) and his wife Mary Ann Reeves aged 18, Gloveress are living in Worcester in the same dwelling as his widowed mother-in-law Mary Ann Witts (nee Beard), aged 44 - (Gloveress).

1871 Census - Harvey Reeves aged 29 (Corrector of the Press) living in South Hornsey, Middlesex with wife Mary Ann (28) and children Charles H Reeves (9) and Harvie M Reeves (6).

1881 Census - Harvey Reeves aged 39 (Printers Corrector) living in Walthamstow, Essex with wife Mary A (38) and children Charles H (18), Harry(sic) M (16) and Ethel M (3).

1891 Census - Harry (sic) Reeves aged 49 (Printer) living in Walthamstow, Essex with wife Mary A (48) and children Charles H (28) and Ethel M (13). [Their second son Harvie Martyne is now married and found elsewhere.] Also shown a Servant girl aged 16.

Harvey's first wife Mary Ann died in 1892, aged 50. 2  
Harvey Reeves married his second wife Maud Hannah POPE during the second quarter of 1900 in the West Ham Registration District.
The known children of Harvey REEVES and his wife Maud Hannah (nee POPE) are
  1. Constance Hannah F Reeves, b.reg. 4q1901
  2. Frank Jeffry K Reeves, b.reg. 2q1904
  3. Phillis Olive Reeves, b.reg. 4q1906
The above births were all registered in the West Ham Registration District. The 1911 census hints that there was a fourth child whose identity is currently unknown.

1901 Census - Harvey Reeves aged 59 (Profession Journalist (employer at home)) - living in Walthamstow and NEW wife Maud A (nee Pope) aged 22 and with them child of Harvey’s first marriage Charles H Reeves (38) (Compositor, perhaps working for his father?)

1911 Census - Harvey had died just before the Census (28 March 1911). Maud is shown as Widow aged 30 and Housekeeper with stepson Charles Henry aged 49 (shown as a Printer) and 3 children of her own with Harvey, Constance Hannah (9), Frank Geoffry (7) and Phyllis Olive (4).

Research Notes

(1) Harvey the Campanologist (Bell ringer).

Harvey was a Printer by trade and later described himself as a Journalist. However, his real claim to fame was for his bell ringing skills and as founder Editor of ‘Bell News’ which became the gospel for Campanologists countrywide. The following article appeared in the Memory Lane column by Michael Grundy in the Worcester Evening News on Tuesday 12 November 1991.
The Bells Are Ringing for a Pioneering Campanologist

The bells have been peeling out in Worcester over the past weekend to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the birth of a Worcester man who achieved a pioneering place in the history of bell-ringing in Britain.

From a boy, Harvey Reeves was a exceptional exponent of the art of campanology and spread knowledge and experience in this ancient skill nationwide in launching the "Bell News". It was the first specialist newspaper for bellringers in Britain and became their "gospel" and an invaluable aid. This weekly journal offered expert tuition, gave accounts of significant bellringing performances and reviewed new techniques and other innovations in the sphere of campanology.

"Bell News" was first published from London in 1881 and survived until just before the First World War. Harvey Reeves was its editor for 29 years until his death and his famous journal gave way to a successor, "The Ringing World". This specialist publication continues today as indispensable reading for bellringers.

Harvey Reeves was born on November 10, 1841 at No. 5 Blackfriars - a lane leading off Broad Street, Worcester. His father, Charles Reeves was a popular local personality and a master chimney sweep "to the nobility, clergy and gentry". His was the oldest chimney sweeping firm in the city and was "By Appointment" to Queens Adelaide, brushing the chimneys of her occasional home at Witley Court.

At an early age, Harvey Reeves made his way to the tower of All Saints Church, just a stone's throw from the family home in Blackfriars and was gradually taught the art of bellringing. He soon showed himself to have an outstanding talent and at the age of 21 took part in his first full peel of 5,040 changes at St Helen's Church in High Street. He also conducted this extremely challenging three-hour marathon, something very few ringers have ever done.

Harvey served his apprenticeship with the Worcester printing firm of Ebenezer Baylis but moved to London in his late 20s to join a London publishing house. Though living in the capital, Harvey maintained his close links with Worcester bellringers and presented those at the Cathedral wit a set of 33 handbells and the team at St Helen's with a set of 15. Both these sets are still prized possessions today, safely stored at the Cathedral and All Saints.

Obituaries to Harvey Reeves after his death in March 1911 at the age of 69 spoke eloquently of his achievements in "adding prestige to the Art of Ringing."

Over the past weekend, special peals were rung at All Saints to mark the Harvey Reeves' anniversary. David Thorne, editor of "The Ringing World" came to Worcester to take part.

● I am grateful to David Beacham, Master of the Worcestershire Bellringers Association for bringing the life and achievements of Harvey Reeves to my attention. Mr Beacham was until 1990, Captain for 25 years of the All Saints Church bellringers. My thanks also go to Harvey Reeves' great great niece Mrs Pat Whelan of Worcester for supplying the photograph and further details of her distinguished forebear, Harvey Reeves.
(2) Worcester Cathedral - Worcester Bells
At Easter 1893 a set of 31 handbells – cast by James Shaw, Son & Co. of Bradford – was presented to the newly formed Worcester Cathedral Guild of Changeringers by Harvey Reeves. Reeves was a native of Worcester, the editor of the ringers’ newspaper the Bell News and a member of the committee of the Cathedral Guild.
http://worcesterbells.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/Cathedral-history.pdf Page 8

(3) The Ringing World detailing Ringing publications before The Ringing World
On 1 February 1881 The Bell News and Ringers' Record (The Bell News) was launched as a monthly publication, edited by Harvey Reeves and supported by Jasper Snowdon. A year later it became a weekly paper with a high level of vitality. It was compulsive reading for ringers all over the country.


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Death:      GRO Death Certificate - 1911, March quarter, West Ham Registration District - Age 69
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 1 Death:    Mother Sarah REEVES - GRO Death Certificate - 1841, December quarter, Worcester Registration District

 2 Death:    1st Wife Mary Ann REEVES - FreeBMD - 1892, December quarter, West Ham Registration District

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