Reeves, Hiram (c1802 VA - )

Hiram (Hermes) Reeves

Reeves, Hiram/Hermes



Birth: c1802, Virginia
Birth Source: Census

Death Source:

Spouse1: Enfield Hawley


Children of Hiram Reeves and Enfield Hawley:
  1. George Reeves, b. c1829
  2. Sarah Reeves, b. c1834
  3. John Reeves, b. c1835
  4. Lucy A. Reeves, b. c1837
  5. Cordelia Reeves, b. c1842
  6. Susan Reeves, b. c1846

Hermes is listed on the 1830 census with his wife and a daughter and son under 5.

Hermes Reeves bought some land from the estate sale of Henry Haislip in 1830 in Fairfax County. He, along with his wife Enfield Reeves, "of the County of Fairfax", sold this land to John B. Hunter in 1838.

He appears to have gone by both Hermes and Hiram. We find him living in Schuyler County, Missouri in 1850. His wife's name is listed as Enfield, and they were previously in Virginia per the children's birthplaces, so this confirms its the same individual. From the children's birthplaces, it appears they moved to Missouri between 1837 and 1842. On the 1880 census, the birthplaces of both parents are given as Maryland.

The Missouri death certificate of son John states that he was born in Fairfax, Fairfax County, Virginia. Gives his parents names as Hiram Reeves and Enfield Hawley.

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