Reeves, Irwin (c1780s ? - c1848 GA)

Rives, Irvin/Irwin

Reeves, Irwin


Father: Nathaniel Rives

Birth: 1781 to 1790, location unknown
Birth Source: Date of birth estimated in 1830 census

Death: c1848
Death Source:

Spouse1: Sarah
Spouse2: Mary Cox, m. 18 Jun 1833, Hancock County, Georgia


Children of Irwin Rieves:
  1. probably Susan Rieves, b. c1822, m. John M. Sapp
  2. Braxton R. Rieves, b. c1827
  3. Walter Y. Rieves, b. c1830
  4. Sarah W. Rieves

From Reliques of the Rives:
Irvin was living in Chester Co. S. C, in 1816, when Braxton R. Eaves, planter, made his will in that county, in which he mentioned his wife Mary, to whom he left three negroes which, in the event of her death "before my brother Irvin Rives," should go to the last-named. The will also mentions Gen. Turner Stark, blacksmith Joseph Ferguson, and "my mother Mrs. Neal." The executor of the will, Col. Wm. Anderson, was later cited in 1820 by
Mrs. Sarah Neal to show cause why a distribution of the estate should not be made. (Reliques)

According to a footnote in Reliques, which quotes from an item in Nathaniel Rives's Chester County Estate packet:
On Jan. 4, 1804, in Chester co. S. C., "Irwin Rieves, infant son of Nathaniel Rives, deceased, now above fourteen years old, have voluntarily chosen and elected William Randall, of the State of Georgia, to be guardian of my person and property." The above was signed "Irvin Reaves." His guardian, William Randall, was obviously his brother-in-law.

Note that William Randall lived in Greene County, the same County that Irwin later lived in.

Irwin is listed as a winner of the 1805 Georgia Land Lottery. The list shows him as an orphan and of Greene County in 1803/1804. Orphans and widows got prime pickings in the lottery.

He is listed as Irwin "Reives" in the 1812 tax lists of Hancock County, Georgia with 9 slaves.

He first bought land in Greene County in 1813. A couple years later, he bought more from his sister and brother-in-law, Susan and William Randle/Randall.

He is recorded in Capt. Talley's District of Greene County, Georgia in the 1820 census with a household of 1 Male 26-44, 1 Female 26-44, 1 Female over 45 years of age and 23 slaves. A deed from 1822 mentions that his wife was named Sarah.

In 1828, Irwin mortgaged some land to David Jackson of Greene County, but it was recorded in Hancock County, so the land was probably in Hancock.

By 1830 he was again listed in Hancock County. The 1830 census records his household as containing 2 Males under 5 years old, 1 Male 5-9, 1 Male 40-49, 1 Female 5-9, 1 Female 20-29, 1 Female 30-39 and 30 Slaves.

Irwin was probably married twice. He was married to "Miss Mary Colqitt formerly Mrs. Mary Cox" in 1833. Irvin had a number of land dealings with the Colquett family.

Irwin appears to have moved to Randolph County, Georgia by 1840. In an 1847 Bond in Randolph County, Martin H. Brown was appointed guardian of "Sarah W Rieves Walter Y Rieves & Brackeston R Rieves orphans of Irwin Rieves decd." (Bonds A, p67) Martin H. Brown was made administrator of Irwin Rieves on 12 Jan 1848 (Bonds A, p93). Susan R. Sapp was made administrator and bound with Philip F. Sapp on 8 Feb 1848 (Bonds A, p95).

Walter Rieves, age 20, born in Hancock County, was living with John and Susan Sapp in Muscogee County in 1850. Several children's death records state that Susan Sapp was a Rieves, so likely the eldest daughter of Irwin and older sister to the orphans.

Note that son Braxton R. Rieves appears to be named for Braxton R. Eaves who mentioned Irvin Rives in his Chester County, South Carolina will.

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