Reeves, Isaac G, Sr. (1767 - 1834)

Reeves, Isaac G, Sr.

Reeves, Isaac G., Sr.


Father: James Reeves, Sr.
Mother: Lettice Rogers

Birth: June 11, 1787
Birth Source: Jefferson, Maine Town Records, Census

Death: After 1834
Death Source: Based on the birth of the youngest child

Spouse1: Sarah Brookings, b. 22 Sep 1782


Children of Isaac G. & Sarah (Brookins) Reeves:
  1. Rev. Moses Reeves, b. 17 Oct 1812
  2. Gardiner Reeves, b. Aug 1815
  3. Sarah A. Reeves, b. 1818
  4. Mary J. Reeves, b. 1825
  5. Eliza Reeves, b. 1827
  6. Isaac G. Reeves, Jr., b. 1834

Early Vital records of Jefferson state Isaac and Ms. Brookings were married in 1812.

Born in Westport Island, Maine or Balltown (Jefferson), Lincoln, Maine. Wife's family from nearby Woolwich, Lincoln, Maine. Probably died in Jefferson, but no gravestone(s) found for either he or wife.

Isaac Revis is listed in the index for service in the War of 1812.

Research Notes

1820 census lists one female under 10 (daughter Sarah), two females aged between 10-16 (who?), 1 female between 16 - 26 (who? - Poss. Sarah's sister Mary Brookings who would have been 25) and 1 female 26-45 (wife, Sarah, who would have been 38 y.o.)

males - 2 under 10 (Moses and Gardiner), one 45 and over (Isaac)


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