Reeves, James (c1826 HAM - 1874 HAM)

Reeves, James

Reeves, James


Father: James Reeves
Mother: Ann Barnes

Birth: c.1826
Birth Source: Baptismal Register

Death: 2q 1874, New Forest Registration District
Death Source: FreeBMD

Spouse1: Emily Lovell
Spouse2: Hannah Elizabeth Furze


James is the youngest of the eight known children of James Reeves and his wife Ann (nee BARNES). He was baptised in February 1826 in the Parish Church of St Peter, Bramshaw, Hampshire

James married twice, firstly in January 1850 at Minstead, Hampshire to Emily Lovell, whose death was registered in the 4q 1853, aged 27, New Forest Reg. District, she was buried on 27 Nov 1853, age 27, at Minstead, Hampshire. They had one child who died young. Secondly, he married Hannah Elizabeth Furze (marriage registered during the first quarter of 1855), who survived him, her death being registered 3q 1913, age 76, New Forest Reg. District.

Known child of James Reeves and his first wife Emily (nee Lovell):-
  1. Reeves, George James, birth regd. 2q 1853; death regd. 2q 1853 New Forest Reg. Dist.
Known children of James Reeves and his second wife Hannah Elizabeth (nee Furze):-
  1. Reeves, James, birth regd. 1q 1856
  2. Reeves, Charles William, birth regd. 1q 1858
  3. Reeves, Harry, birth regd. 2q 1860
  4. Reeves, Ellis Samuel, birth regd. 1q 1863
  5. Reeves, Rose Anna Mary, birth regd. 4q 1865, married Gibbon B KING
  6. Reeves, Mercy Amelia, birth regd. 1q 1869, married Albert G WHITE
  7. Reeves, Esther Euphemia, birth regd. 3q 1871, married George CALLOW
  8. Reeves, Sarah Leonora, birth regd. 2q 1874, married Albert A BRAY
The birth of each of James's children was registered in the New Forest Registration District.

At the time of the 1851 census, on 30 March, James and his wife Emily are living with James's widowed mother Ann Reeves at Cadman in the Parish of Minstead. He is shown as being 25 years old and is described as a Farmer's son (his mother being described as a Farmer). He gives his place of birth as Eling, Hampshire. See Research Note 1 below.

At the baptisms of his first three children by his second wife (the later baptisms have yet to be checked) James is described as an Inn Keeper of Bartley. The White's Directory of Hampshire for 1859 records under the section for Eling that James Reeves was at the New Inn, Bartley.

He appears as an Inn Keeper of Bartley on the 1861 Census, but as Charcoal Burner of Cadnam on the 1871 Census.

He died aged 48, in 1874.

Research Notes

(1) On the 1851 census, the schedules immediately preceding have an address of Cadman Green and those immediately following are entered as Cadman Lane. Both types of address entry are split across two lines of the page. Ann's name appears on the last line of the page and her address is simply entered as Cadman.

(2) The New Inn is shown on the 1st series Ordnance Series 6-inch sheet: County Series 6-inch, Hampshire & Isle of Wight Sheet LXIV, surveyed 1869 and published 1872. See Ordnance Survey Map at NLS http://maps.nls.uk/view/102343119#zoom=6&lat=6613&lon=5856&layers=BT.
The Inn remains to this day albeit under a different name, sitting on the corner of Southampton Road and New Inn Lane, Copythorne, Hampshire. See Google Maps Street view https://goo.gl/maps/MhYi8yfxRKcCwZRE8 (Both accessed 13 June 2022)


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