Reeves, James (1775 NC - c1850 TN)

James Reeves

Reeves, James


Father: Jordan Reeves Sr

Birth: 1775, North Carolina
Birth Source:

Death: bef 1850, Humphreys County, Tennessee
Death Source: gone from census

Spouse1: Mary Polly Gower, m. 8 July 1800, Davidson County, Tennessee


Children of James Reeves and Mary Polly Gower:
  1. Winney Reeves, b. 10 Feb 1803 in Tennessee
  2. William Reeves, b. 1805
  3. Alfred Reeves, b. 1809 in Tennessee
  4. Wesley Reeves, b. 27 Feb 1814 in Tennessee
  5. Muncy Moulton Reeves, b. 1815 in Tennessee

James is in Reliques of the Rives on page 325. He is a combination of person IDs 1938 and 1939. James actually married Mary Gower though Reliques has her married to J(ohn).

Reliques notes:
He bought 50 acres of land from Wm. W. Harwood on the northeast side of the Big Harpeth river adjoining Wm. Reaves [Rives] in Davidson co. Tenn., on Aug. 26, 1805, to which George Reaves [Rives] was a witness. On Jan. 15, 1810, as James Reaves he was plaintiff in a suit in Davidson co., against Geo. Wade, John Dennis, and George Libo and was allowed $150.68. On Jan. 2, 1816, as James Reeves he sold to William Reeves [Rives] 50 acres on the Big Harpeth river. On Jan. 6, 1818, he received for his service in the War of 1812 two grants of 10 acres each on the South Harpeth river which he disposed of, together with two other tracts of 30 and 5 acres, respectively, to Tho. I. Thornton in 1818. He removed thereafter to Humphreys co. Tenn., where, as James Reeves, his land adjoined that of George Reeves [Rives]. There are various deeds of his recorded in that county to as late as 1835.

The earliest record we have found of James Reeves is his marriage to Mary Polly Gower on 8 July 1800 in Davidson County TN. Mary was a cousin of General James Robertson who was married to James's aunt Charlotte Reeves Robertson.

In 1802, James Reeves signed a Petition to form a new county along with his father and brothers: George Reeves, Drury Reeves, Jordon Reeves, Jordon Reeves Jnr.

This account book record found in River Counties Volume 4 confirms that James is the son of Jordan Reeves Sr:

Reynoldsburg Account Book-Humphreys County (TN)
October 1822 (Store Operated by the Wyly Family)

Mrs. John Reeves Perry
Jordan Reeves by son James
Drury Reeves
George Reeves
Mrs. Jno. Reeves
Timothy Reeves

James Reeves is in the following census records:
On the 1820 census in Hickman County, Tennessee he is listed with the following household: 3 males (0-9); 3 males (10-16); 1 male (26-45); 2 females (0-9); 1 female (10-16); 2 females (16-26); 1 female (26-45)

On the 1830 census in Humphreys County, Tennessee, he is listed with the following household: 1 male (10-15); 2 males (15-20); 1 male (40-50); 1 female (10-15); 1 female (15-20); 1 female (40-50)

On the 1840 census in Humphreys County, Tennessee, he is listed with the following household: 1 male (5-10); 1 male (10-15); 1 male (20-30); 1 male (60-70); 1 female (5-10); 2 females (20-30); 1 female (60-70)

Surely the younger children are grandchildren.

James is gone from the 1850 census.

This 1830 deed refers to land purchased from James Reaves in Hickman County. The date of purchase is not given:

  • Images 553, 554. Old Deed Book G, pp 527-528. Date: 07/06/1830 Registered: 03/28/1834. Henry Ammons of Hickman Co, TN to James McNeeley of Hickman Co TN - $125 - 165 acres - 1st tract of 50 acres lying on Sugar Creek, beginning on the north line of a 50 acre tract deeded by Thomas Shute to said Ammons and where said Ammons lived on 07/03/1824, and bordering the south line of the tract James JcNeeley got from John Baird and the corner of a tract James McNeeley got from Thomas Ruper; 2nd tract of 50 acres lying on Sugar Creek, beginning on the northwest corner of atract in the name of William Christmas, said 5 acres being the tract Jesse Brown lived and died on; 3rd tract of 50 acres on Sugar Creek, being a tract granted to William Christmas and bought by Henry Ammons from James Reaves; 4th tract of 10 acres on Sugar Creek, beginning on the west line of the 50 acre tract where Jesse Brown lived; 5th tract of 5 acres on Sugar Creek purchased of James Reaves - Witnessed by Amsel Epperson, William M McNeeley.

Research Notes

One descendant of James Reeves is a participant in the Reeves DNA project and has tested in Group 8.


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