Reeves, Jordan Sr. (1747 NC - c1825 TN)


Reeves, Jordan Sr


Father: George Reeves
Mother: Mary Jordan

Birth: 1747, Northampton, North Carolina
Birth Source: Reliques of the Rives

Death: 1822-1825, Tennessee
Death Source:



Children of Jordan Reeves Sr:
  1. Jordan Reeves Jr, b. 1773 in North Carolina
  2. James Reeves, b. 1775 in North Carolina
  3. Drury Reeves, b. c1781 in South Carolina
  4. Timothy Reeves, b. 1785 in South Carolina
  5. George W. Reeves, b. 1793 in South Carolina

Possible Children of Jordan Reeves Sr:
  1. Jonathan Reeves, b. c1788 in South Carolina
  2. Reuben Reeves, b. 1 oct 1789 in South Carolina
  3. Jonathan Reaves, d. before 1820
  4. William Reeves, b. 1790 South Carolina.

The remaining "sons" need more research. Reuben and one of the Jonathans could be nephews, if not sons. Jordan had daughters, but they have not been identified. Jordan researcher Horton Jordan DeMoss states that Lucy Garland, daughter of Lucy Reeves and Elisha Garland married her first cousin William Reeves, son of Jordan Reeves. No supporting documentation was provided, but such a William Reeves does exist and does not appear to be of any other Reeves lines in Davidson County TN at the time.

From Reliques of the Rives
Jordan Rives or Reeves was probably the brother who accompanied Charlotte (Rives) Robertson on her original journey to Tennessee. He would appear to have had at least three sons, Jordan, John, and James, and apparently a fourth, William; if not, others, all of whose descendants it is likely now go by the name of Reeves.

Other Information:
Jordan, along with his parents and siblings, is believed to have accompanied James Robertson and his sister Charlotte Reeves Robertson to the Watauga settlements in what is now Washington Co TN. They left Johnston Co, now Wake Co NC, about 1771.
Records found of Jordan Reeves at this location include:

• Jordan signed the 1775 Watauga Petition of the Inhabitants of Washington TN found here: 1775 Watauga Petition. More information about this petition can be found in Watauga Association of Genealogists Bulletin 12, 106-108.
• Although Jordan did not sign the more famous Watauga Petition of July 5, 1776, he did sign another one later the same year, perhaps in November or December.
• Jordan swears allegiance in what is now Washington Co TN. William Reeves and John George Reeves also swore allegiance on the same page.
Reeves, Gordon. 28 Aug 1778 took his affirmation of allegiance to this state.
Was TN, Co Ct Min 1/47

• Jordan was on the 1779 tax list in Washington Co:
Jordan Reaves
Dunkard to Profeshan (sic)
8 horses - 700 (value); 4 cattle - 40 (value) ; ready money 0.4.0
total 749.4.0

There are records of Jordan Reeves, William Reeves, and their neighbor Jacob Chamblee/Chamberlain serving as jurors in Spartanburg SC in January of 1792. Since there are records of Jordan in Pendleton, SC in 1791 and 1792, he was not in Spartanburg very long.

Land transactions in Pendleton SC include:

Pendleton District and Anderson Co. SC Wills and Estates
Page 8----Appraisement of Easten Gee 11 Sep 1794.
Appraisement of Easten Gee by John Stallings, Jordan Reaves, Jacob Chamberlan and Lacy Walker Made in April 1794. NOTE: Easten Gee is probably Aeson Jay who sold land to Jordan Reeves in 1792. Jacob Chamberlan is probably Jacob Chamlee.

Conveyance Bk. B. 1791-1795
Page 84----8 July 1792 Aeson Jay to Jordan Reeves for 50 Stg. For 125 acres part of 250 acres granted to Aeson Jay in 1788, lying on the waters of Big Generostee waters of Savannah River. Wit: Jacob Chamlee, James Hillhouse, David Dickey, Joel Chamlee made oath to Elijah Browne JP 18 Nov 1791 Rec. 25 June 1792
Conveyance BK. C-D.Page 12-13 8 May 1791

Jordan Reaves made oath to E. Brown JP 18 Nov 1791 Recorded 10 June 1795
Conveyance Bk. G 1801-1804. Page 238 10 Sep 1795
Jordan Reeves of Pendleton District to Thomas Mc Gregger of Laurance Co. SC for 70 stg. For 125 acres on Big Generostee Creek part of 254 acres granted to Aeson Jay by Thomas Pinckney recorded Book WWWW page 103, said 125 acres conveyed to Reeves, bordered on NE by James Hillhouse, on S by Alex McClusky, on W & NW by Jacob Chamble and Daniel Stringer, where Jordan Reeves now lives. Wit: Jesse Brown, George Grizsel, Simon Walker. Jesse Brown made oath to Joshua Saxon JP 16 Nov 1797 Recorded 26 Nov 1802

We know that Jordan Reeves was in Davidson County TN by 1797 because of this deed:

The State of North Carolina grant # 3328 to Jordan Reaves the assignee of William Sanders 274 acres of land in Davidson County on the north side of Big Harpeth River. He joins Charles Robertson's southeast corner and James Robertson's north boundary line and running east to Robert Weakley's SW corner, then crossing Buffalo Creek. Dated 6 Dec 1797. (Davidson Co. TN Deed Book D-4 pg 242)

More deeds reference land bought in 1802 and sold in 1812 to Timothy Reeves
Nov 7, 1802, , Davidson, Tennessee, USA. 21 190 Acres, North of the Big Harpeth River. Sold in 1812 to Timothy Reaves.

Jordan Reeves and several of his sons appear as signers of this petition in Davidson County: 1802 petition to form a new county.
It is possible that Jordan Reeves was in Davidson County even earlier per this reference to a deed of gift from James Robertson summarized by Gerald Witt:

Davidson Co. Land Records 1788-1793 produced by the WPA, we find on page 263; "Alexr. Patton assignee of Sam'l Hart lying on the waters of Harpeth on a small creek emptying in on the east side below the mouth of Jones's Creek known by an entry Gen. Robertson gave Jordan Reeves beginning at his location call for so as to include the spring. Signed Benj. Joslin".

Jordan Reeves moved to Humphreys County Tn between 1812 and 1820 where he appears in the 1820 census. The last record of Jordan Reeves found was in 1822 in a Reynoldsburg store account book.

Jordan may have had several wives, but identification has been a challenge. Circumstantial evidence exists to suggest that Jordan's wife may have been a Chamblee related to Jordan's close associate and fellow traveler Jacob Chamblee. Recent autosomal DNA tests have turned up DNA matches between me (Carolyn) and five descendents of Robert Chamblee, Jacob Chamblee, and Sarah Chamblee Burris. This makes it likely that Jordan's wife, one of them anyway, was indeed a Chamblee.

Note that two Jonathan Reeves are shown as sons. Only one of them was actually Jordan's son, but thus far we have not been able to determine which one. See attached narrative for more detail.

The attached Word document contains additional detail about Jordan Reeves Sr.

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1790 Census - Pendleton County, South Carolina
1820 Census - Humphreys County, Tennessee