Reeves, Lucy (1764 NC - 1844 TN)

Reeves, Lucy

Reeves, Lucy


Father: George Reeves
Mother: Mary Jordan

Birth: 9 Feb 1764 1763
Birth Source: Reliques of the Rives, Elisha Garland Bible

Death: 30 Sep 1844, Nashville, Davidson, TN
Death Source:

Spouse1: Elisha Garland


Lucy Reeves married Elisha Garland on December 14, 1783 and the marriage was performed by Joshua Kelly, the minister at the Sinking Creek Baptist Church in eastern TN. This came from a sworn affidavit by Sarah Garland before a J.P. of Perry Co. TN named Robert McMurry. The document was dated March 7, 1839. This paper is included in the Rev. War pension file of Elisha Garland. There is no indication of the relationship between Sarah Garland and Lucy Reeves Garland.

Children of Elisha Garland and Lucy Reeves:
  1. Charlotte Garland, b. 1 Jul 1782 in Tennessee
  2. Sally Garland, b. 23 Sep 1785
  3. Mary Garland, b. 22 Jan 1786
  4. Lucy Garland, b. 24 Feb 1789 in South Carolina
  5. Elizabeth Garland, b. 31 Jan 1791 in South Carolina
  6. William Elisha Garland, b. 19 May 1793
  7. Jesse Garland, b. 28 Jay 1795 in North Carolina (birth state from 1850 census)
  8. Catherine Garland, b. 24 Jan 1798 in Davidson, Tennessee
  9. Delilah Garland, b. 21 Mar 1800
  10. Martha Garland, b. 16 Aug 180?
  11. Orville Henderson Garland, b. 26 Apr 1806 in Tennessee

It is interesting to note that Lucy Garland, daughter of Lucy Reeves Garland and Elisha Garland, married a William Reeves who was born 1790 in SC. In the book Jordan Family by Horton Jordan DeMoss, the author states that Lucy Garland married her cousin William Reeves, son of Jordan Reeves. No documentary evidence is provided, however.


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