Reeves, Jane (1815 SC - 1892 SC)

Reeves, Jane

Reeves, Jane


Father: James Reeves
Mother: Betsy Garris

Birth: 1 Feb 1815, Rich Hill, Lancaster County, South Carolina
Birth: 1 Feb 1815, South Carolina
Birth Source: Will of James Reeves, Sr., probate records, Headstone

Death: 16 Oct 1892 Buford, Lancaster Co., South Carolina
Death Source: Headstone, Obituary

Spouse1: Amos B. Blackmon


Children of Jane Reeves and Amos Blackmon:
  1. E. Blackmon, b. c1833
  2. James Burdock Blackmon, b. c1835
  3. Nancy Blackmon, b. c June 1836 m. Robert R. Kennington.
  4. William Blackmon, b. c1839
  5. Isabella Blackmon, b. 17 Jul 1842, m1. J. Osborne Williams, m2. Joel B. Small, m3. James Griffin.
  6. John C. Blackmon, b. 1 Dec 1844
  7. Miles Daniel Blackmon, b. 10 Apr 1848
  8. Minor Amos Blackmon, b. 12 Apr 1848 or 1851
  9. Delilah Jane Blackmon, b. 17 Jul 1854, m. Elmore Thomas Neal
  10. Minton Amos Blackmon, b. 20 Apr 1857

The Lancaster Enquirer, Oct. 19, 1892
-Mrs. Blackmon, widow of the late Amos Blackmon, died in Buford Township Sunday last of cancer. She was about 80 years old.

Her husband, Amos B. Blackmon was born 15 April 1801 (Headstone) and died 9 July 1884 (Headstone).


Birth:        1844 Will of James Reeves, Sr.
                   Headstone, Hopewell United Methodist Church Cemetery, Lancaster Co., South Carolina
Death:        Obituary, The Lancaster Enquirer, 19 October 1892.
Birth/Death - Husband: Headstone, Fork Hill Baptist Church Cemetery, Lancaster Co., South Carolina