Reeves, John (1822 KEN - 1881 IA)


Reeves, John


Father: Reeves, John
Mother: Mainard, Mary

Birth: 5 Jan 1822 Sandhurst, Kent, England
Birth Source: Monumental Inscription: Gravestone

Death: 19 Jul 1881 Seney, Elgin, Plymouth, Iowa, USA
Death Source: Monumental Inscription: Gravestone

Spouse1: Sivyer, Caroline


Married 14 Jan 1845 St Nicholas Sandhurst; Immigration c1853 US; Naturalization 1860 Kane Co, Illinois. Farmer in 1880 census.

Known Children of John Reeves and Caroline Sivyer

  1. Martha Reeves born 1845 Sandhurst, Kent, England [married John Henry Trigg]
  2. Arthur Reeves born 1847 Sandhurst, Kent, England
  3. Robert Reeves born 1848 Sandhurst, Kent, England
  4. Francis Reeves born 1852 Sandhurst, Kent, England [died 1874]
  5. Thomas Reeves born c1854 Illinois, USA [died in infancy]
  6. George Reeves born 1855 Illinois, USA
  7. William Reeves born c1858 Illinois, USA [died in infancy]
  8. Marion Reeves born c1861 Illinois, USA [died c1866]
  9. John Reeves born 1861 Illinois, USA
  10. Minnie Reeves born c1863 Illinois, USA [died c1867]
  11. Albert Reeves born 1870 Plymouth, Iowa, USA [died in infancy]

Research Notes

Baptism not found Sandhurst. US Naturalization under name Reenes[sic].


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