Reeves, Lucretia (c1779 NC - Bef. 1840 GA)

Reeves, Lucretia

Reeves, Lucretia


Father: William Reeves
Mother: Hannah ( Rhodes?)

Birth: c1779, Guilford County, North Carolina
Birth Source: 1816 Will of William Reeves, Wilkes County, Georgia

Death: 1830-1840, probably in Bibb County, Georgia
Death Source: 1830 an 1840 Jones and Bibb County, Georgia, Census.

Spouse1: Robert Cunningham, probably married before 1800


On Sept. 1, 1800, in Wilkes County, William Reeves along with Azariah Bailey was Security for his son-in-law Robert Cunningham who was appointed guardian of his younger brothers John, David and Alex orphans of Patrick Cunningham. (Minutes of the Inferior Court 1799-1801, Page 55)

Robert Cunningham drew in the 1803 George Land Lottery in Wilkes County.

One Robert Cunningham was born 6 September 1773, South Carolina, and died 18 May 1850, Bibb County, Georgia, The Cunningham family was living in Jones County, Georgia, in 1830. Robert and wife were both aged 50-60 (born 1770-1780) with one male aged 10-15 and three females aged 15-20. There was also an older male, aged 40-50, living with the family. By 1840, Robert Graham was living in Bibb County; his wife had apparently died between 1830 and 1840.

It is unclear whether this Robert Cunningham was Lucretia Reeves's husband or a different man with the same name. On 12 February 1827 several heirs of William Reeves signed receipts “in full of their legacies”: Cinthia C. Reeves, Elijah Reeves, Hezekiah Reeves, Jeremiah Reeves, Judith Reeves, Robert Graham, Thomas Roberts for himself, Thomas Roberts for John Reeves, and Joseph Wheatley for wife Sally Reeves. Robert Cunningham, Alexander Seale, and Jarvis Seale (who had not yet married Cynthia Reeves) were not listed. It may be that Cunningham and Seale signed separately for their portions. The question arises, however, as to why Thomas Roberts signed a receipt "for himself," suggesting that he had married one of the Reeves daughters. It may be that Cunningham died between 1816 and 1826 and that Lucretia remarried to Thomas Roberts; further research is necessary to resolve this issue.


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