Reeves, Hannah nee Rhodes? (1765 NC - 1826 GA)

Hannah Reeves

Reeves, Hannah nee Rhodes?


Father: probably John Rhodes

Birth: c1765, North Carolina
Birth Source: Married before 1784

Death: May 1826, Wilkes County, Georgia
Death Source: Minutes of the Inferior Court of Wilkes County, GA

Spouse1: William Reeves


Children of William Reeves and Hannah (Rhodes):
  1. Lucretia Reeves, m. Robert Cunningham
  2. Elizabeth Reeves, m. Alex Seal
  3. Hannah Reeves, m. Robert Graham on 19 Dec 1811
  4. John Reeves
  5. Elijah Reeves
  6. Hezekiah Reeves
  7. William Reeves Junr.
  8. Judith Reeves
  9. Cynthia C. Reeves, m. Jarvis Seals on 5 Jan 1828
  10. Jeremiah Reeves
  11. Sally Reeves, m. Joseph Wheatley
The Reeves Review II identified the wife of this William Reeves as Hannah Smith. Hannah Smith married William Rives on 14 Dec 1820 in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina - 4 years after the death of William Reeves of Wilkes County.

William, the son of James Reeves was incorrectly identified by The Reeves Review II as William Reeves who died in Madison County, Kentucky in 1821. That William, son of William Reeves, Sr., is recorded in the records of Wake County, North Carolina from at least 1762 until his migration to Kentucky around 1803.

A deed dated 1 Apr 1784 recorded in Guilford County, NC Deed Bk 3 Pg 95-96 names the wife of William Reeves as Hannah as does a 1791 deed by William and his mother Millicent.  In that deed dated 22 Nov 1791, William and his mother Millicent sold 320 acres to Samuel Mileham.  The deed stipulates that this was the plantation conveyed by James Reeves' Will unto his Son & wife "the said William Reeves & Milley Reeves".  Hannah Reeves, wife of William, signed the deed as well.

William Reeves was named as executor of the will of John Rhodes as well as his son-in-law. This William Reeves was also originally misidentified by the Reeves Review II as the son of Malachi and Fortune Reeves although there is no evidence to support that they had a son William. The only William Reeves living in Guilford County was the son of James Reeves. John Rhodes will lists no bequest to the wife of William Reeves and daughter of John Rhodes but neither is there a bequest to his son John Rhodes, Jr., yet both William Reeves and John Rhodes, Jr. (with their relationships stated) are named in the will as Executors.

On 20 May 1826, Cynthia Reeves was appointed Administratrix of the estate of Hannah Reeves, dec'd. (Minutes of the Inferior Court, Wilkes County, Georgia 1824-1827, p. 87)

∗ An abstract of the 1816 will of William Reeves which is listed in numerous places on the internet omitted William Reeves, Jr. who is very clearly named in the will per the original document. (WB HH:56)


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