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The Reeves Review

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The Reeves Review II

Continuing sources of incorrect information in family pedigrees across the internet are The Reeves Review II and its predecessor The Reeves Review. Once these books were published, countless Reeves' researchers stopped searching primary source documents such as deeds, court and probate records for genealogical information, instead simply copying whatever was published in the Reeves Review.

There are countless postings to the Reeves' mailing lists and forums regarding errors identified in the book - the Reeves Review II. If you have identified an error found in the book in the lineage of a particular Reeves' family and have evidence to document that the family as detailed in the book is in error, please add to this structure.

It should be noted that every genealogy listed for individuals other than descendants of the Rives family (DNA Group 8 of the Reeves DNA Project) of southern Virginia, i.e. Prince George, Brunswick and Surrey counties, is incorrect. EVERY OTHER LINEAGE such as: (William, Timothy, Richard, John, Robert), beginning with ID #9, William Reeves who died in Granville County NC in 1751 is incorrect and has been proven to be so by the Reeves DNA Project.

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When creating a page detailing errors, name the page using the Page number and ID number of the individual as listed in the Reeves Review, i.e. Page_1_ID_1 then add to the Reeves Review structure.

On the new page, list the error as published with the correct data and citations supporting the assertions.

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