Reeves, Malachi (c1739 NC - 1784 NC)


Reeves, Malachi


Father: James Reeves
Mother: Millicent ?

Birth: before 1739, North Carolina
Birth Source: James Reeves Will; 1755 Tax Lists of Granville County, lists Malachi as tithe of James Reeves (16 years of age)

Death: Nov 1784, Guilford County, North Carolina
Death Source: Guilford County Court Records

Spouse1: Fortune MNU, bef 1768 per Granville NC deed of 1 Nov 1768 - dower rights relinguished.


Children of Malachi Reeves and Fortune MNU:
  1. Jesse Reeves
  2. Thomas Reeves
  3. James Reeves
  4. Zella Reeves
  5. Malachi Reeves
  6. Jonathan Reeves
  7. Mary Reeves
Malachi Reeves is recorded as the tithe of James Reeves in the Granville County Tax Lists of 1755 which would indicate that he was between 16 and 21 years old at that time.

On 1 Nov 1768 Malichy Reaves sold to Mourning Hunt, 100 acres in Granville Co, NC on Fishing Creek, beginning at white oak on north side of Abraham Tatom. Fourton Reeves (sic Fortune) relinquished dower. Recorded in Granville Co, NC, Deed Book H, page 209.

Malachi does not appear to have left Granville County at the same time that his father, James did. James was recorded in the 1768 and 1770 tax lists of an area of Rowan County which became Guilford but Malachi remained in Granville briefly for he is recorded there in the 1767 tax list and the 1768 deed above.

Malachi Reeves served on juries in Guilford County in August 1781, February 1784 and May 1784. He is also listed in the Guilford County Court Minutes on 18 Feb 1782 when a 2 year old, base born child, Robert Mitchell, was bound to him until he reached the age of twenty-one years. After Malachi's death, this child was bound to his widow, Fortune, in November 1784.

Malachi Reeves was apparently an overseer of roads in Guilford County for in the court minutes of 16 Feb 1784, John Warnal is appointed as his replacement.

From the Guilford County Court Minutes of 15 Nov 1784: The administration of the Estate of Malachiah Reeves, Deceased, is granted to Fortune Reeves the widow and Relict of the Deceased and her son Jesse Reeves who entered into Bond in the sum of one thousand pounds for the faithful discharge of their duty with William Howlet and William Reeves their Bail and qualified accordingly.

In Rockingham County, NC Deed Book B, pg 10 on 28 May 1788, Thomas Reeves, Jesse Reeves, and James Reeves, heirs of Malachiah Reeves, decd., deed to Nathaniel Tatum for 176 pds, 352 acres on both sides the Haw River adjoining John Rhodes, Peter Perkins, Esq. and Wm. Connors; Witnesses were Jas Mulloy, John Rhodes and Wm. Howlett.

The previously unidentified son of Malachi, James Reeves, was undoubtably the grandson James named in the 1781 will of James Reeves, Sr.

Research Notes

The Reeves Review had attributed a son, William married to Hannah Smith, to Malachi and Fortune Reeves; however, based upon research of the probate, deeds and other records of Guilford County, there is no record that Malachi and Fortune Reeves had a son William. This William also supposedly died in Wilkes County, GA in 1816. As to a marriage of a William Reeves to Hannah Smith, the only such record is in Mecklenberg County in 1820. That marriage certificate shows the signature of William Rives and took place four years after the William Reeves of Wilkes County died.

Among all the deeds by Fortune Reeves conveying property to their sons after Malachi's death, there are NO deeds to a son, William. The only reference to an unidentified William Reeves was in the will of John Rhodes so presumably the William to whom he referred was William, the son of James Reeves. Deed records of Guilford County also establish that William's wife was Hannah.


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