Reeves, Hannah (c1787 ? - Aft. 1870, GA)

Reeves, Hannah

Reeves, Hannah


Father: William Reeves
Mother: Hannah ( Rhodes?)

Birth: c1786, Guilford County, North Carolina
Birth Source: Will of William Reeves, Wilkes County, Georgia and age estimated from date of marriage

Death: After 1870, Pike County, Georgia
Death Source: 1870 Pike County, Georgia, Census

Spouse1: Robert Graham, m. 19 Dec 1811 in Wilkes County, Georgia


In 1820, Robert and Hannah Graham were enumerated in Wilkes County, Georgia. Their household included 2 males under age 10, 1 male 26-45, four females under age 10, 1 female aged 10-16, and one female aged 16-26. His name was shown as Robert Grimes. Since he appears immediately adjoining William Reeves's widow Hannah, however, it seems likely that he was actually son-in-law Robert Graham. (The stamped page number is difficult to read, but it appears to be 304.)

Robert Graham signed for Hannah's portion of her parents' estate in Wilkes County, Georgia, in 1827.

Robert Graham was taxed in GMD 588, Upson Co., GA (Captain Dawson's District), as early as 1829. At that time, he owned 202.5 acres on Tobler's Creek (Land District 11, Land Lot 241) and another 93 acres in Land District 11 for which the lot was not shown. Joseph Duke appeared near him, taxed with Land Lot 10, Land District 3.

In 1830, Robert and Hannah Graham were enumerated in Upson County, Georgia, with one male under five, one male aged 15-20, one male aged 30-40, one male aged 40-50, one female aged 5-10, two females aged 10-15, one female aged 15-20, and one female aged 40-50.

In 1830, Robert Graham was taxed in GMD 588 (then called Golden's District) of Upson County. He was taxed with 202.5 acres on Tobler's Creek identified as land district 11, land lot 241. One William Reeves, possibly Hannah's brother, appeared near him, tax with 202.5 acres, land district 2, land lot 173, Coweta County, as well as 202.5 acres in Monroe County, land district 7, land lot 1. Interestingly, the digest lists both Graham's lot in Upson and Reeves's lot in Monroe as having been granted to one "Gibson." The 1832 digest for Upson (GMD 588 was now called Dawson's District) showed Graham with the same lot of land and with Joseph Duke nearby. Bradford Garland, a future son-in-law, also paid poll tax in the district. Duke and Graham were taxed with the same property in the same location in 1834 and 1836, when Thompson Graham, paying the poll tax, was shown for the first time. All three men appeared in 1837 also; Graham paid tax for three polls, suggesting that he may have owned at least two slaves. Thompson Graham and Joseph Duke were shown in 1838. Robert Graham was taxed in the same district (now called Blalock's in 1839), near several members of the Garland family. He and Duke still paid tax on the same two tracts of land, while Thompson Graham — apparently engaged in some form of land speculation — paid tax on tracts in Carroll County as well as four tracts in the former Cherokee country of north Georgia.

In 1840, Robert and Hannah Graham were enumerated in Upson County, Georgia, with three males and three females, all aged 15-20.

The 1840 Upson County tax digest for GMD 588, Blalock's District, showed Robert Graham and Joseph Duke taxed with the same property, including Graham's three polls, living amidst several Garland and Duke families. Thompson Graham again paid tax on multiple tracts, located in Carroll and Houston Counties,a long with the four north Georgia tracts and "money at interest." The three men were shown in the same location in 1841 and 1842; the digests are difficult to read, but the property appears to be essentially the same. The 1843 digest, the last one examined, showed Robert Graham, still taxed with the same land, near Thompson Graham, Joseph Duke, Richard A. Ford, and John S. Ford.

Robert and Hannah Graham were enumerated in Upson County, Georgia, in 1850, aged 67 and 64, natives of Georgia and North Carolina. They were living in GMD 588, "The Rock," Upson County, in 1860, HH 642/585: Robert Graham, 76, Farmer, $3000/$7700, South Carolina; Hannah, 73, Georgia; B. P. Garland, 49, Overseer, $0/$935, GA; Cynthia, 44, Georgia. By 1870, Robert and Hannah were living in Pike County, where the were enumerated, both aged 85 but natives of South Carolina and Georgia respectively, in the household of their son, Thompson Graham, age 56, and his wife Frances, age 48.

Possible Children of Hannah Reeves and Robert Graham:

  1. Son, born 1810-1820
  2. Daughter, born 1810-1820. This is probably Nancy Graham, who married Joseph Duke.
  3. Thompson Graham, born about 1814, Georgia, married Frances R. Whitaker.
  4. Cynthia Graham, born about 1816, Georgia, married Bradford P. Garland.
  5. Daughter, born 1810-1820. This is likely Caroline Graham (c. 1818, GA - c. 1874, Red River Co., TX) who married Archibald Graham on 27 December 1837 in Upson County.
  6. Daughter, born 1810-1820 This may be Sarah Graham (c. 1820/24, GA - 1850/60, Marion Co., GA) who married Elihu Corley on 22 December 1841 in Upson County.
  7. Daughter, born 1810-1820. This is probably Martha Graham (c. 1820 - ) who married Richard A. Ford on 18 November 1841 in Upson County.
  8. Daughter, born 1820-1825. This may be Judith Graham (c. 1824, GA - Aft. 1850, Tyler Co., TX) who married James Foster on 22 September 1843 in Upson County.
  9. Son, born 1825-1830. This child was apparently still living in 1840 but gone from the household by 1850. He may have been the David F. Graham who paid poll tax in Upson County's GMD 588 in 1848 (suggesting a birth c. 1827), 1850, and 1854 and was shown adjacent to Robert Graham on the tax list.

Research Notes

Of the above marriages, the Caroline Graham, Thompson Graham, and Judith Graham were married by Jacob King, M.G. Nancy Graham was married by Joseph Sturgis, J.P. Sarah Graham was married by John L. Ford, M.G. Common associations, common residences in GMD 588, and common naming patterns suggest that they were children of Robert and Hannah Reeves Graham. Jacob King, who married several of these couples, was a pastor at New Hope Primitive Baptist Church, near Yatesville, in northeastern Upson County, GMD 588.

Note that in 1840 there were three males aged 10-15 living in Robert Graham's household, but in 1830 there was only one male aged 10-15. This may be an error. There might be an additional son about about 1830. Or, there might have been other relatives living in the household in 1840. There is also some ambiguity with the daughters' ages. The 1840 census showed three females aged 15-20 (born 1820 to 1825), but the 1830 census suggests only one female in this age category and two in the 10-15 age category. Based on later census reports, however, it appears that these three daughters were likely born between 1818 and 1824. Since only one young male — presumably a young son — was shown in 1830, the presence of two additional males of a similar age in 1840 is difficult to explain.


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