Reeves, Miles P (c1800 SC? - 1838 AR)

Reeves, Miles P

Reeves, Miles P.


Father: Miles Reeves
Mother: Ann MNU

Birth: c1800, probably South Carolina
Birth Source: Estimated from 1820 Census of Christian County and 1830 Census of Livinston County in Kentucky

Death: 1838, Independence County, Arkansas
Death Source: Court Minutes of April Term 1838

Spouse1: Elizabeth Ledford (undocumented)


Children of Miles Reeves and Elizabeth Ledford:
  1. William R. Reeves
  2. Chapman M. Reeves
The above children are named in guardian records of Christian County, Kentucky. Miles' brother William E. Reeves was their guardian and made the final distributions of the estates of their grandfather, Miles Reeves, and grandmother, Ann.

Miles Reeves was undoubtably the son, aged 16 to 25, listed as still living in his parents home in Christian County in the 1820 census.

By the 1830 census, Miles P. Reaves was recorded in Livingston County, Kentucky in a household with one male 20-29 and one female 20-29. Livingston County is located on the Cumberland River northwest of Christian County. In 1831, Miles Reeves sold land there to Timothy O'Neal.

Miles is said to have married Elizabeth Ledford daughter of Solomon Ledford whose land bounded Miles Reeves' in Livingston County. Solomon Ledford was also security for a debt of Miles'.

Miles and Elizabeth Reeves moved to Arkansas sometime in the mid 1830's where Miles died in Independence County in 1838. A Walter Ledford was on a jury that held an inquest into Miles' death which is recorded in the Court Minutes of April term 1838, Independence County, Arkansas. (From the research of Joyce Link)

Survey Book 6 of Christian County, Kentucky:
  • (p.1) Surveyed for Miles P. Reeves 300 acres of land in Stewart County, Tennessee on the waters of the Piney Fork of the l,Jest Fork of Red River by virtue of a Kentucky Land 0ffice Warrant No. 21 lying South of Christian County between Walkers line and lattitude 36" 30'North. Beginning at two black oaks and a post Oak N. East corner of Wm. Mayes Survey thence East with Elams line 86 poles to a post oak Haywoods corner thence with his line N. 87t2 E 170 poles to a small post oak another of his corners thence South 163 poles to two small black oaks thence West 96 poles to a small post oak thence south 46 poles to a small hickory thence West 160 poles to a stake in Mayes' line thence with said line North 202 poles to the beginning. April 19th 1825.
  • (p. 2) Surveyed for Edward Davis assee of Miles P. Reeves 130 acres of land in Stewart County, Tennessee on the Waters of the Piney fork of the West Fork of Red River by virtue of a Kentucky Land 0ffice Warrant No. 20 lying South of Christian County between lrlalker's line and Lattitude 36" 30' North. Beginning at three Post 0aks William Whitfield's N. West corner thence with his line East 126-1/2 poles to two small black oaks at his N. East corner thence with another of his lines South 16 poles to a small post oak and black oak James Lee's corner thence with his line East 55% poles to three black oaks two of which grow from one root thence North 126 poles to two small post oaks near a drain thence West 182 poles to four post oaks thence South 110 poles to the beginning. April 19, 1825.

From the deeds of Stewart County, Tennessee:
  • Deed Book F (8), Pg. 442 - Miles P. Reeves to William Griffy (both of Montgomery Co.), 100a on S. side of Piney Fork, part of Reeves' 300a grant; wit: Hugh Blakeney, Robert Stamper, Silas Stamper; 26 Mar 1829
  • Deed Book 12, Pg. 336 - State of KY to Thomas W. Shemwell & Harris H. Shemwell, 534a on Piney Fork, adj. Joseph Shemwell, William R. Threat (sic Thweatt ?), Miles P. Reeves (300a), Elias W. Smith, Joseph Wilson (40a); 13 Jan 1834, registered 19 Mar 1837
  • Deed Book 15, Pg. 381 - Miles P. Reeves (Livingston Co., Ky.) to Thomas W. Shemwell, 200a on Piney Fork waters, part of Reeves' 300a grant, adj. Mays, Elam, Haywood; test: Gabriel Gilespy, Thomas Shemwell; 25 Feb 1833

A LIST OF LETTERS, REMAINING in the Post Office at Batesville (Arkansas), on the 30th June 1837, which, if not taken out at the expiration of three months, will be sent to the General Post Office, as dead letters.
            Reaves, Miles P.
This list was published in the Arkansas Gazette.


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