Reeves, Nancy (c1790 NC - aft 1870 NC)

Nancy Reeves

Reeves, Nancy


Father: probably Jesse Reeves
Mother: probably Obedience Elizabeth "Biddy" Terrell

Birth: c1790, probably Ashe County, North Carolina
Birth Source: 1800 Census of Ashe County, NC

Death: After 1870 before May 1829, probably Ashe County, North Carolina
Death Source: The Chancery Case filed by her brother George Reeves records that Nancy, wife of Terrell Bledsoe was deceased by1829.

Spouse1: Terrell Bledsoe, b. 21 May 1786


Children of Nancy Reeves and Terrell Bledsoe:
  1. Malvina 'Mollie' Reeves Bledsoe b. 1814, d. 1891
  2. Caswell Bledsoe, b. 1815 d: 1841, Shelby County, TX
  3. Yancey Solomon Bledsoe, b. 28 Apr 1819 d. 26 Feb 1896 in Polk County, TN
  4. Lewis Bledsoe, b. 1821
  5. Frances "Fanny" Bledsoe, b. 9 Jun 1822, d. 22 Apr 1905
  6. Methias Bledsoe, b. 1824
  7. Obedience "Biddy" Bledsoe, b. 10 Apr 1826, d. 8 Aug 1904
  8. Jesse Bledsoe, b. 15 Oct 1827, d. 16 Mar 1895
  9. Caroline Bledsoe, b. c1829
  10. George Bledsoe, b. 1830 Unknown
Although there are no record currently found to Nancy Reeves is now documented as a daughter of Jesse and Obedience Terrell Reeves by various filing in the Chancery Court Case filed by her brother George Reeves asking the court to allow the heirs of Timothy Terrell to receive legacies left to them at his death. There is also a preponderance of inferential evidence to support the family connection. Nancy and Terrell Bledsoe named children for both Jesse Reeves and Obedience "Biddy" Terrell. There are also numerous court cases in Ashe County records where Terrell Bledsoe is named along with other members of this Reeves' family in the proceedings. Additionally, the family lore supports Terrell Bledsoe's wife as Nancy Reeves a member of the family of George Reeves.

UPDATE: A chancery case filed in Wythe District, Virginia by the heirs of Biddy Reves against James Cox lists Nancy and her husband Terrell Bledsoe among the heirs of Biddy Reves which serves to prove her family connection to both Jesse Reeves and Obedience "Biddy" Terrell Reves.

There are numerous entries regarding Terrell B. Bledsoe in the Ashe County Civil Action Court Papers through 1823 which may be an indication that they were not residing in Ashe County after that date. Additionally they were not listed in census records after 1820.

Research Notes

Terrell Bledsoe and family appear to have left the Ashe County area and much research is needed to find additional documentation.


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