Reeves, Peter Gillum (1794 VA - 1852 AR)


Reeves, Peter Gillum


Father: Burwell Rives
Mother: Mary Gillum

Birth: c1794, Franklin or Henry County, Virginia
Birth Source: 1811 Will of Burwell Reeves, Union County, Kentucky and 1850 Census

Death: 8 Feb 1852, Crittenden County, Arkansas
Death Source:

Spouse1: Martha A. Davis, m. 9 Mar 1823, Henderson County, Kentucky
Spouse2: Martha Eliza Goodloe (m1 Benj. Robertson, m2 unknown Arnold) m. 17 Mar 1836, Davidson County, Tennessee


Peter G. Rives was listed in Hardeman County, Tennessee in the 1830 census, then appeared in Crittenden County, Arkansas in the 1840 census and again in 1850 in Proctor Township. By 1850 a William Reeves who was also listed (as William Rives) in Hardeman County TN on the 1830 census was also living in Proctor Township as well. Both men, William and Peter, list their birthplace as Virginia on the 1850 census.

Children of Peter G. Reeves and Martha A. Davis:
  1. Samuel Reeves, b 1827, d. 16 Apr 1865 Crittenden, Arkansas
  2. Peter Gillum Reeves, b. c1830

Children of Peter G. Reeves and Martha Eliza Goodloe:
  1. John Goodloe Reeves, b. 9 Jul 1837, d. 31 Jul 1876
  2. George Gibson Reeves, b. 19 Jan 1842
  3. Lucy Ann Rives, b. 4 Jul 1839, d. c1841
  4. David Craighead Rives, b, 28 Mar 1846; d. 26 Sep 1849
  5. Burwell Frederick Reeves (Benjamin per 1850 census), b, 14 Dec 1848, d. 12 May 1859
(Dates from the "Martha Goodloe" Bible records.)

Biographical Information from Old Times Not Forgotten:
Peter Gilam Rives, who came from Virginia in 1818-19 to survey land in Arkansas County (later to become Drew and Crittenden), bought a parcel of land in 1820 that was known as "the Rives tract." Rives lived in a one-room log cabin (possibly the one illustrated on p. 8 of Ms DeArmond's book) on the west bank of Bayou Bartholomew near the old Indian Trace crossing. In 1836 he married Martha Eliza Goodloe Arnold in Nashville, Tennessee, and soon after came to live in Crittenden County. Her daughter by a previous marriage, Mary Elizabeth Robertson, married Dr. John Martin Taylor of Winchester, Kentucky. In 1844, Dr. Taylor bought the Rives plantation from his father-in-law and built a large log house, which he named "Hollywood Plantation," after the holly trees which grew there. He also owned a plantation and a magnificent house, "Mauville," near West Port, Kentucky. His wife died in 1868, and Dr. Taylor established a home in Monticello for his young children. He continued to commute to Hollywood Plantation and upon his death in 1884 was buried there. His sons Henry, Ben, and Rives continued to manage the plantation under the name of The Valley Planting Company, moving the headquarters to Winchester in 1901."

From the Arkansas newspaper Southern Shield:
State of Arkansas                               }
County of Crittenden                        }
In the Circuit Court of Crittenden county, on the Chancery side thereof, in Vacation, Oct. 1st, A. D. 1858.
Martha E. Rives, John G. Rives,    }
Samuel D. Rives and Martha          }
J. Harris, heirs and legatees           }
of Peter G. Rives, dec'd., com-        }
plainants.                                            }
vs.                                                         } Bill for partition
Peter G. Rives and George G.         }
Rives, a minor, also heirs and        }
legatees of said Peter G. Rives,       }
defendants.                                        }
AND now on this day came Martha E. Rives, and on leave, had filed in this Court the bill of complaint of Martha E. Rives, John G. Rives, Samuel D. Rives and Martha J. Harris, against Peter G. Rives and George G. Rives, a minor, and the said complainant Martha E. Rives, having annexed to the said bill, her affidavit, stating that the said defendant, Peter G. Rives, is a non-resident of the State of Arkansas, and praying an order of publication as to him, - It is therefore ordered, that the said defendant, Peter G. Rives, be notified by publication, of the object and pendency of this suit, which is by bill in Chancery, praying for partition amongst the legatees of Peter G. Rives, dec'd., of the real estate belonging to the estate of said Peter G., dec'd., which remains undivided amongst said legatees, which said real estate is particularly mentioned and described in said bill of complaint by the correct numbers of said lands, and that unless he, the said defendant, Peter G. Rives, shall be and appear before this Court, on or before the third day of the next regular term thereof, to be begun and holden at the Court-house, in said county of Crittenden, on the second Monday, the same being the 8th day of November next after the date hereof, and make defence to said bill of complaint, the same will be taken as confessed against him and a decree entered accordingly. And it is further ordered that this notice be given by the insertion and publication of a duly certified copy of this order, for two weeks successively in the Southern Shield, a newspaper printed in the city of Helena, in said State of Arkansas, the last insertion to be at least four weeks before the commencement of the term of this Court, at which said defendant is required to appear.
O. P. LYLES, Clerk.
A true copy from the Record.
Attest:O. P. LYLES, Clerk.
Oct. 9, 1858.

The estate file for son Samuel D. Rives notes that he died in April of 1865.


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Marriage2:  Tennessee, County Marriages, 1790-1950 (FamilySearch)

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(Some information courtesy of W. D. "Bill" Bostwick)
Southern Shield, 9 Oct 1858